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Izzy, that might not work.  Thats why I asked how many wires are on the motor (but he didn't answer me  [stickpoke] )  Some of them have 2 wires and you reverse the polarity to change directions, and some of them have 2 windings in the motor with 3 terminals.  I think the REP series is a 2 wire motor and the higher end units have 3 wires, but I'm not positive on that.

Derek If you look back the first pic shows a two double pole solenoid set. that is a two wire  motor set. The only triple wound winches ive ever seen are huge 24 volt things that they use on tow trucks and flat bed haulers. I think it would be way over kill to have a triple on a 8000 besides my REP 8000 is double so is my HF and my 9.5ti. You and I both know how hard it is to diag.... things in this forum but we will give it a shot. I think we can get this thing going Don't you?

My Warn 9500 has a 3 wire motor.

a three wire huh ??? well like I said It is dificult to diag fromm 3000 miles away ;D. I was thinking about the test that I described above and I am wrong on part of it :-\\\\  since we have a normaly open 2 pole you have to hook the battery to the 12v input pole then  one of the other poles to the motor. then it should work.

I think


I hope


I was talking about the big cables that go to the winch motor. If the motor has 2 connections and the motor runs in one direction the motor is good. In a 2 connection setup the control box reverses the polarity on the motor to get it to run in or out.
In a 3 connection setup the control box swtiches voltage from the in connection on the motor to the out connection on the motor with the 3 connection being common.
That is why I say if a 2 connection motor runs in one direction the motor is good and should run in either directions if the polairty is reversed.
If it is a 2 connection motor you can use jumper cables to check the motor.
If it is a 3 connection motor you need to know which of the 3 connections is common be for you can check it.
I will check my books and see if I have anything on that winch.
Hope this is too confussing.


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