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Billet Removable Door Hinges
We are proud to carry the newest product on the Samurai Market:

Billet Removable Door Hinges

With these new Billet Aluminum Removable Door Hinges, you can safely and easily remove the doors from your Samurai whenever you want. No longer do you have to feel constrained within the tight cab of your Suzuki. Now you can enjoy the added elbow room and visibility of driving without doors.

These Billet Removable Door Hinges are only made from the finest of quality and strength of 6061 T6 aluminum. They have the same major dimensions as the stock hinges so there is no question that they will fit right back into the same position as before. Although, the hinging mechanism has been upgraded from stock. It has a larger 5/16" dowel pin to pivot on and the hinging sleeve is designed for the most strength possible without impeding the ease of removal.

To top it off, each set of Billet Aluminum Removable Door Hinges comes with a complete set of stainless allen head hardware. We know from experience that getting those old philips head bolts out can be quite destructive, so we want to make sure you have everything needed to get the job done and make your Zuk look really awesome!

Price: $189.00

Hinges are in production now and will begin shipping in about 2 weeks.

Re: Billet Removable Door Hinges
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I so live that bling.  Any chance of these being anodized?

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Re: Billet Removable Door Hinges
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i like pepto bismol.

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Re: Billet Removable Door Hinges
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Just found these the other!  I know it's part of the design, but I'd prefer them without the machined recesses around the bolt holes.  Easier to polish that way.  ;D

I think there's some sort of tumbler that they put machined aluminum parts in that take off the hard edges and make the part look a little nicer (personal opinion).  Would be really nice to do that and then just a clear or silver anodize.  They also have a gunmetal gray anodize...that would look sweet!  CNC'd aluminum looks great until it starts to oxidize and then it just looks terrible...anodized is the way to go.

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Re: Billet Removable Door Hinges
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Old post, but wow have the prices of these hinges ever gone up?  Obviously I should have bought some shares in that 'precious metal'...

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Re: Billet Removable Door Hinges
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Very nice [thumbsup]

Re: Billet Removable Door Hinges
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what are the chances of making hinges for the Tracker / Grand Vitara. Would like an easier way to remove my doors...