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Re: Introductions please!!
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I'm Don Shipp and I guess, at 54, I'm the oldest on the Board. Just call me Paw-paw.   

Home is Hoover, Alabama, just south of Birmingham. My son is 24 and will soon be discharged from the Army. My daughter is 27, and she, her hubby, and my 2-year-old grandson live in Knoxville, TN.

I had a '94 Sidekick ragtop that got wrecked last November when some !#@%$&*\ dropped a log on I-59 and I hit it at 60 MPH. The car was totaled but I was absolutely unhurt. Even though I replaced it with a '96 Kia Sportage, the rest of the guys here let me hang around.  

Don, y'all
Paw-paw Don, y'all
'94 Sidekick JX now dead of a collision with a log on the highway. Rest In Peace, little trucklet.

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Re: Introductions please!!
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Lewis Scherer, a.K.a. BiLLy bOb! 29, single in tazewell tn. my zuks include a general small junk yard, 20+ n addin every chance. YES, im a addict!
BiLLy bOb 8)

Re: Introductions please!!
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Howdy from South Texas! My name is Milton Brown.I am 42, been married for 22 years,have a son Milton 111 18, a daughter Sheryl 17 and my wife Shirley(better not give her age!).I have a 88.5 Sami,(This is my 4th Sami) Also a 79 F350 4x4,78 Bronco,79 F150 Shortbed Stepside 4x4,95 F250,70 Vw Bug(class 11 baja)and my wifes 2001 Explorer Sport.As you can tell, I love my 4x4s and love to go off roading!I am a truck driver by trade and amateur mechanic as a hobby.Being in San Antonio,I can go to Big Bend (west Texas) or  the Texas Coast for my off roading and some fairly decent  places around town.
I am afraid I am to far from ya'll up there to enjoy offroading with ya'll,but I do enjoy reading about it!
They're right! It IS a jeep thing....I sure feel sorry for them!

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Re: Introductions please!!
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Hi All, Bruce Allen here. I'm a retired Slot technician living in Las Vegas, NV. Go figure. Also, part time photographer, having shot a few Weddings, special events, and had been shooting live bands(Lounge acts) for a talent agency.
I have an 88 Samurai with no mods done yet, but of course, that's why I'm here.  8)

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Re: Introductions please!!
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OK it's time too come clean I to am a addicted to my zuki.  My name is Greg Oyler I am 37 and I am a deputy marshal for the town of Winthrop, Washington.  I have had my zuki for 8 years now. It is a early 1988 jx soft top / hard top with a 125,000 miles on the original motor.  Over the last month I gave in and started modify it. I installed a webber carb, new wheels and tires, and a 2" shackle lift. I bulit a snow plow for it also.  I have been marrried to my wife susie for 16 years and we have a 8 year old daughter named Kelsey.  She is the one responsible for my adiction.  I had a kawaski 440 ltd road bike when she was born but in the state of washington kids can not ride motorcycles on the roadway untill they are 5 years old.  so I went from a kawaski to a Suzuki.  Well that my story I fell that a great weight has been lifted coming clean is a great feeling.


Greg Oyler
Omak, Washington

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Re: Introductions please!!
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Hi,     My name is James McPherson... I'm 22... I live, technically, in Gainesville, GA...  And there are NO OTHER ZUKS HERE!!!!!!!  or maybe I just don't get out much.     For the moment I'm gong back to school at NGCSU in Dahlonega, GA.  I went to Young Harris College, GA (across the street from Hayesville/ Murphy, NC... literally) for 2 years then worked as a Dental Equipment Technitian for a year or so, then went back to school. 
I bought my obsession Jan. 2003 (see pic to left) and sold my '68 VW Baja, Integra, and what was left of my '95 2wd Tracker.  Then I screwed up and bought 3" calmini lift springs and 2" lift shackles.... I have since gone SPOA w/stock stuff.   SPOA...Do it right the first time.... I'm never going back.

If anyone knows ANYONE WITH A ZUK IN NORTH GEORGIA  I need someone to wheel with.   [jump]

Re: Introductions please!!
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Dave here, from another world...Shake Rattle and Roll....aka California. Atascadero to be exact, right on the fault line.  This is my second sammy (first one was stock) so I guess that I too am becoming sammari addicted. I have an 88.5 Sami with a 5" lift, 4:16s pushing 31" tires. working on getting a cage, and just bought lockright lockers for the rear. Someday they might even get installed. This board has been a tremendous help, and its definatly alot more friendly than the Pirate site.
By the way I work with the school district in the custodial dept. I have a 10 year old son, an eight and six year old girls. I have been married to my beautiful wife for the 13 years in june and we have been together for over 20 years ;D
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Re: Introductions please!!
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hey all
My name is Wayne Israelsen I live in so cal ( riverside county or the 909). I have2 zuks both 87s. I bought one to tow behind my motorhome and quickly discovered how well it did off road. Thats when the upgrade addiction began. ZukIzzy now has a SPOA YJs on all four corners lockers front and rear 4.16 t-case 4.37 r&p and lots of custom goodies that help it fit my family. ZukIzzy2 has the body off the frame and is currently rolling on an almost complete coil suspension 90% complete 90% to go.
I have 3 kids and a hot wife,  Kathleen( the hot wife) nicole 14, taylor 11, and zachary 9. We all ride motorcycles, jet ski, boat, wake board, snow board, ski, surf, and whatever else sounds fun. The best thing is wheeling the zuk in the california desert and yes all 5 of us can drive moderate 4x4 trails even Zack we carry a pillow for him to sit on.
Thanks for all the help so far
Team Izzy stock #13
Special thanks to RVMD, Procomp Tires, RBS, and Team Slowspeed

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Re: Introductions please!!
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Ummm im Bullwinkle, also known as Jerry Vaughan, I have an ugly Zook a pretty zook and a couple parts zooks. I have been to the last 3 events at Uwharrie and all have been a blast! Glad to have met a bunch more cool people, and see the cool folks from last time. look foreward to the fall Zuwharrie and seeing yall there.
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Re: Introductions please!!
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      My name is Chris Davis i was born in Opelika AL (near Auburn, across from Fort bennining ga) in 1975. i have been in the military for about 10 1/2 years. I am currently a Staff Sergeant (P with 38 more on the list till me) in the 82nd Airborne Division. I have been married for 10 years (high school sweets) Me and my wife Aimee have two boys jake (8) and andrew (7). I have been in the Fayetteville area for about 8 years (with two tours to Korea and Iraq). i have been in off roading for quite some time just the issue with money and saving for college for the boys is difficult ( keeps getting more and more  expensive). Some of my other hobbies include Archery ( Mathews rules), Fishing (thanks Tom Lanier for the multiple trips to your plantation), Baseball with my boys, and mostly spending time with my family.

I have been really wanting to set up a most awesome rock rig, but it will take time. so this is where i start my journey with my first BIG BOY TOY.

a guy i knew was in trouble with some tickets right after iraq and was willing to sell his sammi, i told him " ill give ya 150.00 for it", he snickered and went on his way later on that week he decided that my offer was gonna be the best he could get. so i ended up with a sammi that needs a battery, clutch, lift, power, meats, and so on.

that me


and these are my rides

and my loveable , stupid, and pees every where little girls

We laugh because its funny and we laugh because its true.

Miss you buddy...

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Re: Introductions please!!
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my name is joe sandifer and PRAISE GOD i am a Christian. i live in clinton, ms and ride when my wife of
4 years lets me!  ;D
i have 2 kids: 8 year old trevor (who was suppose to come to zuwharrie with me, but backed out last minute - rascal!) 5 year old hannah
owned my 93 daily (avitar is that what it is called?) for a year now. spent way too much time and money on it, but hey, i am hooked!
in the last couple months i have found and purchased a 91 and 88 to part out, and yesterday, an 86 to fix and sell or drive daily (have to see).  i love this zuk stuff, it is a way to relieve stress and a constant source of entertainment and challenge. zuwharrie is the site i spend most of my time on, but occasionally get over to izook and a couple others. but zuwharrie rocks hardest by far! enjoy!
RIP Art!!<br />RIP Bigduckie!!<br/>RIP coldblud!!<br/>RIP Surly!!

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Re: Introductions please!!
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hello, my name is Bango.  i like to climb on things!  can i have a bananna?  eek-eek!
'87 SPAMurai
'01 Tacoma
'03 Vinson 500 ATV

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Re: Introductions please!!
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Hi all. I just joined and my name is Kelly (if you can't tell by my login name). I have a 87 Samurai that has 5" SPOA, rear locker, OTT steering, 1.6 engine, and is completely rhinolined. I am in the process of gathering the stuff for Toyota powersteering. Just ordered a steering box today. Well anyway, this site is awesome 8)


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Re: Introductions please!!
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Welcome. You'll soon be encouraged to fill out your profile. ;)

Where do you live?
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Re: Introductions please!!
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Hi, my name is Jacob and I am a new member (been lurking for a few days).

I have an '88 Sammy, red (sorta) which looks great covered in mud (don't they all?)

So far the truck is stock, but not forever. (i have plans, yes...)

and I am a mac user, hence my nick.


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Re: Introductions please!!
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 I guess I'll jump on to keep it on top for a while. Rob Feehley, my wife Melissa and my 2 kids Ben and Charlie. I have a 92 that's going under the knife after Roy's wedding. M drives an 88 on 31's. I have 16 more on the farm that are my retirement account!  ;D Too many toys and not enough time!
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Re: Introductions please!!
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hi my name is Preston im 21 i just got my zook about 1 1/2 months ago and alredy adicted

  • Nonebetta
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Re: Introductions please!!
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hi my name is adam and i've had my zuki for about a month and a half(still try to get her road worthy). i had a nissan hardbody and was a moderator on a nissan board for 3 years, that was till willc brought me to the dark side.

There's always parking space when driving a 4X4.

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Re: Introductions please!!
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Hi all. My name is Perry. I am from Pomona, CA. I'm 36, married, with a beautiful 2 1/2 yr. old daughter. I own an 88 1/2 Samurai with lots of mods. Some I have never seen on other trucks. I have had the Sami since August 97. I love it. It is currently not  moving due to a blown R&P. Got the parts to fix it but a tore up knee keeps me out from under the truck. High insurance rates on 4x4's in Cali also keeps me from ridin due to the fact that my wife's DD is a Heep Cherokee 4x4  and my DD is a slammed 1980 Chevy LUV. Can't afford insurance on another truck right now. As soon as the knee is fixed I plan on fixing the R&P and replacing the tires since it is getting close to running slicks. Also hope to get a full cage and Duraline the inside. Happy to be a part of this board. You guys have been a great help with the questions I have had.

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Re: Introductions please!!
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hi everyone. my name is Donald dement and i live in collinston "northern" Louisiana.Ive been married to my wonderful wife gidget for 8 years and have no kids yet but at 35 I'm still a little young for them :) Ive had my 1990 samurai for about a year. i paid 500.00 for it and didn't realize what kind of addiction i was getting ;D so far Ive gone spoa with some 33 ltbs and hope to complete some other mods soon. I'm a welding and pipefitting foreman for breck construction .thanks for all the help you all have given me so far.