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Introductions please!!
Welcome to!!!!

My name is Art Lilley and I am a Global Moderator and Zuwharrie staff member here at I'm from Fayetteville NC and I am in the Army. I drive the orange zuk in my avatar. It is affectionately known as the "Bootymobile" or the "Popsicle" I'm married and have 2 kids.

Welcome to!!!

Now, why did I do this? The reason is that there are so many new people here on the Zuwharrie bbs and I have no idea who you are. I thought this would be a great way to get to know each other a little better. So now it's your turn. Old or new, especially new members, post some info about yourselves. It helps us get to know you better  ;D
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Re: Introductions please!!
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Hello everyone!  My name is Trever Thompson.  I am an ex-jeeper new sami owner.  I am from Mansfield, Oh and Have an 87' samurai just now in the making.  I am 24 years old just recently married and recent newcomer to Zuwharrie.  I would like to take this chance to thank everyone for all your help and warm welcome to the site.  Later!!
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Re: Introductions please!!
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My names Josh.  I work in the marine industry. I drive a built tacoma for a trail rig and a rubicon for daily purposes. I love these guys b/c they actually put up w/ me. Im also known as an [censored] to most but that is a different story.

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Re: Introductions please!!
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Names David Stiff and I have had my zuk for around 4 years now, but for the past 2 of those years it has undergone transformation from a stocker to amazing. Now it's undergoing one more transformation.

I am single and have my best friend RAGE <--my dog to keep me company.

I am soon to be an Electric Substation Tech for a major electric company.

I like to wrench and think of new ideas for 4x4's

Loud Proud & Country By The Grace Of God !!!

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Re: Introductions please!!
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My name is Chris and I have been around since before ANY of these zook boards were online ;D I am one of the original staff members and handle the graphics stuff for the site. I currently have 3 zooks, 2 Samurais and one of the few heavily modified X90s.
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Re: Introductions please!!
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This is like a Zuwharrie Zukers Anonymous Meeting...

My name is Kevin Harris and I bought my Zuk new in 1993.  It has changed bodies a couple times but it its pretty much the same one that rolled off the dealership lot with 17 miles on the odometer.  I paid $8888 for it brand new.  I have wheeled it since 96 after meeting my Mentor Dennis Vaders and had done most of the mods/customizations myself...

I am married (11 years) and have a 4 year old son (Logan).  I am 31 years old and a Police Officer with the Winston-Salem Police Department.  I am currently on active duty in the Marine Corps after my unit was mobilized last year for the war in Iraq.  I am a Small Arms Repairer/Tech in the Marines and I am a E-5 (Sergeant).  I hope to be off active duty in a couple months so I can get back to the Police Dept, before our unit is re-mobilized in September.

I also own a 2003 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab 4X4 SLT with the V8.  I have been doing some minor mods and would like to eventually put some 33" MTRs under it.
1993 Suzuki Samurai
1.6 EFI, 3 speed auto, 6.5:1 T-case, air lockers... and a lot more mods!
Check out my  My YouTube Page!!

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Re: Introductions please!!
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Jim Bova from Stratford Connecticut.  I own 2 Zukes an 87 Hardtop which was bought new this weekend in 1987 during the Presidents Days sale for 8200 dollars. We bought it because at the time my Wife was doing viviting nursing and some of the northern parts of Ct get a fair amount of snow and with 200ft unplowed driveways it came in handy. My second Zuke is a softtop I bought a few years back for 300 bucks with a blown motor. It is the subject of Project #2 on Izook. I want to try to use mostly used parts to build it. Jim

Re: Introductions please!!
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Hello, My name is Kirk "Sniper" Rice, I live in Crossville, Tn. I am married to a wonderful woman (Going on 11 yrs) and have 4 kids, 16, 8, 5, and 3. I drive a Tractor Trailer all over the southeast hauling rock and other items. I currently own an "87" Zook soft top and have done all the mods myself with the help of a friend of mine that can't seem to kick his J@@p habit (Its all good though). Also I have a "77" F-250 4x4 with a 460/C-6/205 sitting on 36-12.5-16.5 tsl/sx's that I have named "Biggerhammer" from the old redneck saying "If it don't fit , just get a Biggerhammer".
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Re: Introductions please!!
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Hello !
My name is Bradley Carver, I live in Roxboro N.C. have been here ALL my life (36 yrs) I am married with one great daughter who is 7yrs old. My wife and I have been together 20 yrs this year, married 12 of those! I am also involved with ATV's and am VP of the Piedmont ATV Assoc. I have owned a few sami's and now own 3 running 1parts vehicle! ALL 88's! I work for Durham Coca Cola as a service tech. have been there 10 yrs in May. I enjoy working on my many differant projects and riding my atv in West Va. I would really like to get a group to go up to West Va on the Zuki's for a weekend!

   Bradley C
aka...Trailmaster C
aka.. RIDERED 
Drive it like it belongs to your Mother-N- Law!

Re: Introductions please!!
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sup all my names nick tickle im 22 years old, i own a 93 sammy that i just bought about 7 months ago. Was a toyota man before that but start to fall in love with the zuk. Im single, work building houses, not the best at working on the zuk but i try and have fun ;D hope to meet everyone in person some day.

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Re: Introductions please!!
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My name is Jay Hamvas and I'm a Zukaholic....

I'm one of the Founders of Zuwharrie. I've owned my Zuk for over 10 years and have been going to Uwharrie for even longer. I'm married(12 years) with a 10yr old son who happens to be my navigator and co-pilot while trailriding.
I'm a field service tech that works on all kinds of Banking equipment; ATM's, alarms, vault door...

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Re: Introductions please!!
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Hi... my name is Matt and I own a Suzuki Samurai.

Whew, It feels sooooo good admitting that!
ennyhow, I'm 38, married, with children. I work for Trader Publishing-Auto Trader as a pressman.
Oh, and yeah, I've got an '87 Sammie that had 37 miles on it when I got it. Been zookin fer a million years. I've been thru 3 engines 3 transmissions, and 3 sets of tires. Lizooki, the sammie, set for6 years and then a friend tripped over and engine fer me. I decided to get the old girl running for my oldest daughter. She's 11 and I figgered that'll be enuff time to make it safe for her. Now it's my DD and I don't wanna let go unless I can get another.
It's got longer shackles, CJs in the rear and CJs going on the front asap. And a weber asap. Hope to have it all done for spring Zuwharrie. I yeah,  Lizooki is my avatar.
go here to see more...

Matt & Lizooki  <------waving wildly!
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Re: Introductions please!!
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My name is Will. I bought my zuk from the repo man for 500. With the help of this board it it some what built. I am a residental Electrician and WILLING TO TRADE WORK for zuk stuff . I am married with 2 step kids. My wife Laura (35) james(14) and nichole(10) .

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Re: Introductions please!!
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What's up peeps! My name is Justin D. Fender (the "D" stands for something) and I've been at this for a while, not as long as a some, but I'm connected... boy am I connected. I live in Williamston, NC with my wife of almost 5 years and my daughter who is approaching 6 months old.

I've had my Zuki since the summer of '97 and since then I've been building it for as close to free as I can get. 1.3 was rebuilt once, then I spun a bearing. Put in a 1.6 before the 1.6 was popular, now my 8v is unpopular. Burned up a transmission and a t-case. Went SPOA before SPOA was popular, because it was free. Got 5.13 diffs for free, and a roll cage, ran on 33" tires for a little while, but hated them and went back to 31"s now and forever. Trail tested... you could say that. Spray painted? Cut the sheet metal and count the layers and you can find my Zuki's age.

Daily driving goes to my '92 240SX SE 5 speed, I love it. I use to drive Mustangs, but am now intrueged with 4 cylinder imports.

Towing and hauling duties are for the ClusterTruck, my '88 F-150 4x4 5 speed, AKA the Cow-Moo-Flage truck. The 302 is tired, please someone give me a 302.

My wife drives an 00 Mitsu Montero Sport, all stock, but not afraid to put it in 4 wheel drive.

For Christmas I was given an '83 Honda Odyssey, it's the bomb. Ask me about my latest accident on it.

Other hobbies, well I have too many, but I don't keep them all active, I just let some sit until I get bored with or frustrated with others then I swap them around to keep things fresh.

Oh yeah, I work for Cintas out of Greenville, NC, love my job, it's great. Soon I'll be on my own route and covering lots of ground in eastern NC, the Zuki parts underground railroad will be expanding.

This summer I promise, Zuki fun day at my house, fab fest, cookout, games, Zukin in the backyard in the big nasty and the big 'n tasty and other obstacles, and just hangin' out. Hold me to this.

Not online much anymore, but always willing to take phone calls, just realize I hit the sack pretty early (it's past my bedtime now).

BTW- I 0VVn page 2.
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Re: Introductions please!!
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HI MY NAMES JAY AND I'M A ZUKAHOLIC!!!  its been 2 weeks since i got my zuk muddy or did natural body work to my zuk( i'm out in the ocean)
    i'm an E-4 Operational Specialist ( radio man) in the Coast Guard Currently i'm stationed out of Ketchikan AK on the Cuter Acushnet ( a 60 year old 213' foot ship)
I 'm hopping to get resatatined back east in a year so i can wheel the  &*@!$%^&*&*^%$#@^@! out of my zuk, as the munchy crunchy tree hummping califoniction ranbow pride patrol has effectively closed most of the trails on this island ..... oh except for one group BACK (DOOR) WOODS adventers
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Re: Introductions please!!
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Hey Guys,

Im Jason Moyer, I am a Draftsman/Technical Designer by 23 and from soon to be Montgomery,Pa near Williamsport.

I started out playin with Fords before i got my samurai. Bought my zuk about 3 years ago and the last year i have spent swapping boddies...rebuilding all kinds of stuff and just plain ole lettin the zuk play garage hoping this will change after i move in to my new house!!

Mechanical Engineers build weapons.....Civil Engineers build targets...

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Re: Introductions please!!
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Hi my name is Tom Gerard and I am in the great state of Confusion ......oooops, I mean North Carolina. I earn my bill money detailing cars at a new car dealership. I have an 88.5 Zuki still stock but soon to get a 8v transplant. Then all h*ll will break lose as I plan to do some modifying to it. I have been wheeling for about 7 to 8 years. During that time I have wheeled an Isuzu Trooper, 2 Nissan 720 4X4 trucks, and 2 Zuks.  My first ZUwharrie was back in the spring of 2001.

Spidazuk ;)  :)  ;D  [smiley=biggrinjester.gif]  [blackvertside]
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Re: Introductions please!!
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Hi, My name is Chris Longino and i'm the other Z.O.O.M. editor and Zuwharrie Staff Member. I'm from Hampton, GA which is about 30 min south of Atlanta. I do automobile detailing for side work right now and some Audio/Video freelance work but i'm currently looking for a full-time job.

My trail vehicle is a 81 Jeep CJ7 Renegade(which has been broke since last Zuwharrie :-\\\\) with a 1" body lift and 33x12.50 A/T's. Then my other vehicles I drive are a 91 Mustang GT and a 91 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer.
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Re: Introductions please!!
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I'm Rawlings Barnes and live in Morehead City NC. I have only been working on Zuks for about 6 months since my 88 was given to me. I am doing a frame off build with alot of help from my buddies.
I'm Married and have 2 girls and work for a Marine Safety Company that also sells Marine Parts.

I am in School studying Pastorial Ministries and plan to be a full time Youth Pastor soon.

Thanks to all of you on here that have helped me, and I look forward to meeting you one day!

He Is No Fool Who Gives What He Cannot Keep To Gain What He Cannot Lose!!

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Re: Introductions please!!
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Hello everyone, my name is Scott Smith and I'm in Columbia SC.  Acquired my Samurai in a trade one month ago for a Yamaha Kodiak 400 4WD ATV.  I got tired of riding an ATV across a cold field in the winter after the hunt.  Figured I could save time loading equipment and ATV buy getting a small 4WD and driving to the farm. 
Underlying reason, my oldest of 4 kids will be driving in two years and this will give me time to play with a new toy before handing it over to him. 
I'm 41 years old, 4 kids ( 5 to 13) and the same wife for the past 15.5 years. 
I work at the University of South Carolina as a Broadcast TV engineer after a 13 year career as a paint and bodyman/customizer where I owned my own bodyshop in Summerville SC.
  I'm also currently restoring a 1966 Mustang GT Fastback, hence the ScottsGT.  I'm a gun collector, hunting, fishing and whatever else I can do to get outdoors. 
My biggest struggle is to try and not get caught up in all the big tire/ lift kit/ high dollar mods, etc...  I really just need a practicle and cheap 4WD for runs to the farm.  But I keep getting caught up in all the excitement.
What I want for my tin top?
   1600cc motor with weber carb, mild cam and header.
   15X8 rock crushers with 30X9.5's ( do I need them?no)
   Safari rack - homemade, of course. remember, I was a   
   Step bumper (rear) to reach the rack, still got a welder!
    Winch and big nasty bumper on front, still know how to
      use the welder too!
  Almost forgot, a 2" lift to clear the tires.
   What son wants:
   Paint job with flames and lots of tacky stuff from Auto
   Zone.  I've still got a lot of work to do with this boy!
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