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Directory / Index of popular topics (old sticky's)
Tracker / Sidekick / X-90 Build Up's,44150.0.html

Fender Cutting Trac/Kick,23481.0.html

Second  Gen Tracker / Grand Vitara / XL-7 Lift pics,38261.0.html

Tracker Sidekick X-90 What Hits & What fits... with Pictures,18791.0.html

AC conversion,60326.0.html

Checking MIL  / CEL Codes OBD I & OBD II,28566.0.html

The Convertable Top thread,75981.0.html

Tracker Sidekick body and chassis armor.,63479.0.html

Need EXPERT opinion on 98 1.6 16V Engine issue....,91457.0.html

Toyota Pickup CV shaft install,52575.0.html

Shrockworks Project Lifted Sidekick buildup,23794.0.html

Rockx4's  7" - 9" Bolt on suspension lift (in the works),85641.0.html

5-spd to a A43D Four speed automatic non-electronic, non-lockup (Wild Weasel's X-90) & Sidekick 4spd auto swap discussion,68191.0.html

Setting distributor timing,80322.0.html

1999 and up 4-wd not working,91738.0.html

Hybrid Sammy steel diff housing in Kick Aluminium banjo,81047.0.html

Project "XXX" The Uwharrie 4x-cross X-90 Build,99023.0.html
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Re: Directory / Index of popular topics (old sticky's)
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GREAT collection of links!!
Picture is of my Uwharrie campsite before I got my Zuk!