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Welcome to Z.O.O.M.
Welcome to Z.O.O.M.

Back by Popular Demand................... Z.O.O.M. !!!!! So what the heck is Z.O.O.M. anyways? Z.O.O.M. stands for Zuwharrie Owner Of the Month. It is that simple! Each month will showcase a Zuwharrie member and their Suzuki vehicle. There is no voting or nominations process and this is not a popularity contest.

Here are the prerequisites to become the Z.O.O.M.

1. Only members of can be selected (Got a screen name? You’re a member!)

2. Vehicles must be Suzuki based.

3. Can be any Suzuki 2WD or 4WD vehicle (Including GEO Trackers)

4. Does not need to be street legal

The featured owner and vehicle will get an article posted on the homepage as well as a dedicated thread so that others can post their congratulatory comments. The owner will also receive a special decal, copious pats on the back, and bragging rights for a month!

Please feel free to post any questions you may have and the Z.O.O.M. Editor will be sure to answer them. Remember this is just for fun. If you have any private questions that you would rather not post please PM any staff member here on the Zuwharrie BBS as he is the "Official Z.O.O.M. Dude."
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