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2 wd tracker trans question
[black_s] If I have a good 2wd tracker trans, can I unbolt the tail housing and simply bolt up the adapter housing and a 4wd tcase??
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Re: 2 wd tracker trans question
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Re: 2 wd tracker trans question
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The Tracker 2WD trans is not set up to have a Xfer case bolted to it like the 4WD trans. It is actually a little longer than the Samurai trans. But MY at Zuk's Off Road (ZOR) does make a super short intermediate shaft that will fit between the 2WD trans and a Samurai Xfer case. You would have to send him your intermediate shaft from the tracker and the intermediate shaft from a Samurai. The flanges are not the same. This is what you have to do if you want to run the Tracker 2WD trans in a Samurai. I don't know if it would work for a Tracker also. I have a 95 Sidekick 2WD that I will be using the 16V 1.6L motor in my Tin Top when I get my shop built. I have done a little research on this. Hope this helps.
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