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Replace steering shaft bushing with bearing!
As I imagine a lot of you have creaking or clunking coming from your worn bushings in the steering shaft. Unfortunately as far as I know Suzuki doesn't sell the bushing and they want a ridiculous amount of money for a new shaft. I'd read online about people replacing the bushings with bearings but I had never found mention of a part number or what is involved in the process. Here it is, its quite easy to do and shouldn't take much time.

Items required:
1 or 2: 6903 2RS bearings (these are skinny, I opted for 2 but 1 is probably fine)
An old beer can of your choosing (I used lucky lager)
A flat head screwdriver and a phillips screw driver
a torx bit T20 If I remember right
And I think it was a 12mm socket

Step 1: remove the bolt holding the U joint from the upper steering shaft In the engine bay
Step 2:  remove the 4 nuts holding the bottom of the steering shaft
Step 3: remove the 6 or so phillips screws from the steering column cover, as well as the lower cover
Step 4: remove the 2 torx screws holding the upper part of the shaft
Step 5: unplug all the connectors and pull the shaft
This is a good time to fix the clicky starter issue
Step 6: remove the old bushing some how. Burning the bushing with a torch might cause it to expand enough that it will pop out but it will probably take some effort to get it out. Try not to mangle the outer shaft while doing this, when done clean up the shaft with solvent as best as possible
Step 7: Take your beer can and cut off a rectangle long enough to wrap around the outside of the bearing and about 1.5" wide, Then cut a bunch of slits in the top half of your piece and fold them down until you have something that looks similar to this

Step 8: Insert your beer can into the end of the shaft and then press the first bearing down. I was able to get the first one in fairly easily with the help of a hammer, after it was on I installed the second bearing pushing the first further down into the shaft. At this point you can trim off the metal tabs.

Step 9: put everything back together
Step 10: Grab another can of beer so you have spare metal when the bearings wear out!

The reason for the beer can is the shaft outer diameter is about .2mm larger then the bearing according to the supplier. A beer can is just over .1mm so wrapping it fully around the bearing equals roughly .2mm and makes for a perfectly snug fit with no play in the shaft! Its a very easy mod and even though I havnt driven it, its obvious the play and clunking I was getting from the bushing will be completely gone!

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Re: Replace steering shaft bushing with bearing!
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Nice work, and nice writeup.  Thanks for sharing it.  It will help someone for sure.   [thumbsup]
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Re: Replace steering shaft bushing with bearing!
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excellent write-up buddy  [thumbsup]
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Re: Replace steering shaft bushing with bearing!
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I'm book marking this! thanks [thumbsup]