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01 tracker refresh
Last winter i found a few holes in the inner rocker. so i made the plans to cut the inner and outer rockers out and weld so rectangular tubing in. so i pulled the seats and carpet out and everything went south fast.
 photo IMG_2662_zpshea4iqn1.jpg" /> photo IMG_2663_zps2yrurobe.jpg" />
 photo IMG_2665_zpsuzn3nca7.jpg" />
 photo IMG_2666_zpsfbmevowv.jpg" />

didn't take a lot of pic, but first i cut out the rockers and fitted in the tubing.
 photo IMG_2724_zpsam84otyt.jpg" />

then welded them in.
 photo IMG_2775_zpscoozdbtv.jpg" />

then when i had the floor cut out i found some of the body mounts on the chassis were rotted out.
 photo IMG_2733_zps95b894dl.jpg" />

so i got some large washers and reamed them out so the rubber body mount passed through.
 photo IMG_2735_zpsmc2i0ck9.jpg" />
then cut the floors out in sections and made new pans and welded them in.

 photo IMG_2748_zpss2vnd34r.jpg" />
 photo IMG_2749_zps5a6tubt6.jpg" />

then i had to make new body mount for the front floor as the old ones were rusted out.

 photo IMG_2757_zpsblsunuoz.jpg" />
 photo IMG_2758_zpsah3nll5d.jpg" />
well my old seats were shot and seeing how i needed to make seat mount for the new floor i put a set of seats out of a ford escape in it. driver side is power and i installed heaters in them to,

 photo IMG_2761_zpsdmblqcum.jpg photo IMG_2762_zpsnax961ny.jpg" />" />
 photo IMG_2778_zps76qexyrq.jpg" />

then the rear wheel wells needed attention so cut out the rot and welded in some new metal.
 photo IMG_2777_zps4llf14f0.jpg" />

then i painted all new metal with por-15nd top coated it with bedliner.
 photo IMG_2840_zpscuzd7w9e.jpg" />
 photo IMG_2842_zpsdkglmd8r.jpg" />
 photo IMG_2843_zpsa13srant.jpg" />
then i said i've went this far so i might as wel photo IMG_3082_zpsy9v0oqjw.jpg" />l paint it.
 photo IMG_3083_zpse9htjeqx.jpg" />
in between all of that she got all new links in the back, rear brakes, some chassis repair in the rear, new fuel tank and straps. i need to paint all the doors, fenders and bonnet. i just welded the 4x4 actuator, installed a base pan and the diff back in. i have to put a new rack and tie rods in. still a bit of work left but should be good for a couple more years when its done. 

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Re: 01 tracker refresh
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wow lots of welding, but looks like it coming along nice

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Re: 01 tracker refresh
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Yup lots and lots of welding. I don't tac or stitch weld either. Fully welded both sides, don't think she'll leak if I go in any deep water. Lol

Hoping to have it done this month. Just hard getting time to work on it. Work 6 days a week and a family too, so time is pressed.