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3 speed auto puking atf
Hi All,
 I have a 97 Tracker. 3 speed , 4x4.

 I was heading from Vegas to Cedar City. I exit the freeway to grab dinner. I exit the car and smell atf. I look and there's a trail behind me. Yikes. I opt to go into the Home Depot lot to check it out. I pull on to a curb to crawl under. My first thought was  a cooling line. I look and wipe all around. Can't find the leak. I start the engine, still no leak. I pull e brake real tight. Place the trans in drive. I look underneath, atf is pouring out of the lower inspection opening. I've worked on 5 speeds a bunch, but never an automatic. Can anybody help with this problem? To change seals, how far do I go? How heavy compared to a 5 Speed.
 Thx for your help.

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Re: 3 speed auto puking atf
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Hello [idea]
It's cold outside.  :D
Anybody have any experience with the 3 speeds?

  • Perryd
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Re: 3 speed auto puking atf
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You mentioned you were in vegas? Are you usually in a hot place like that? If you had a little too much ATF in your trans the expansion from heat could push it out maybe, I'm not sure. 

I have a 3 speed as well. I recently did some work to mine and had the pan dropped. It's a very simple trans. Only so many places to check. It also came in a bunch of other vehicles so there should be lots of literature on it. 

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Re: 3 speed auto puking atf
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If it is leaking from the inspection opening, I would guess it could be a seal. You are going to have to drop the tranny, to find out and fix.
Auto's are dang heavy, compared to the 5 speeds, IMO. You can muscle them in and out, but it isn't fun and a tranny jack, or any kind of jack, would be beneficial.
I haven't done much work on autos. But if it were mine, I think I would just fix the leak and not go any deeper into the tranny.
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Re: 3 speed auto puking atf
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Thank you for the reply. I'm thinking that's all I will do also. I have a trans jack and will be starting the pull tonight.
Thx again

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Re: 3 speed auto puking atf
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Hi Perry, Yep I live in Vegas and it will be getting hotter pretty soon.
I have a factory service manual, it's like thick, lol.
I'm getting ready to pull or at least unbolt a bunch of stuff tonight.
Thx for the reply.