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94 kick runs then dies
ok kick gurus my 94 16v will crank up and run about 2 minutes then die i crank it right back up then it dies again after a period of a minute or two what can i check....... i am not mechanically inclined at all  ......any help would be appreciated
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Re: 94 kick runs then dies
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Could be fuel pressure regulator or fuel pump.  Check fuel pressure.

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Re: 94 kick runs then dies
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I just put a new filter on it but it has plenty of pressure but i have no way to test actual psi
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Re: 94 kick runs then dies
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I ran into this problem a while back, it turned out to be a cracked wire running to my fuel pump. the vibration from idle or driving would kill the connection. All I did to trouble shoot this was run jumper wires from my battery to my fuel pump... if it works then run new wires if not it only costed you a hour or two and a bit of wire.
IF ITS NOT FIX DONT BROKE IT... something like that

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Re: 94 kick runs then dies
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ECM, check with a known good one.

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Re: 94 kick runs then dies
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stalls have over 50 causes,
when it does run ,does it have full power
ever get a full tuneup this last decade including cam belt>?
can you save the stall? , by fast right foot actions?easy, hard, impossible, 3 possible answers) all revealing...

in pure physics , far less causes.
engine bad. (cat melted, if no power when it runs) or cam belt slipped, if no power when it runs.
sparks bad, (plugs,cap, rotor, wire sets at 60k got those new?)
fueling issues, (rich misfire, bogs and dies, or lean dies, fuel pressure at spec) takes tools....
EGR stuck open it will stall. or near. its a 50k mile service point.

automatic or stick shift?
did it stall in neutral or DRIVE>?

if I could drive it, and see that my right foot does,  id go bingo.
and history of service, (zero?)
retired mech older than dirt.