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Plug and play
So I have a samurai buggy. Can I just take the motor, Trans, transfer case, and entire wire harness from Toyota pickup and just throw it in my samurai?. I have no samurai gauges or anything samural in it. 

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Re: Plug and play
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With a good amount of fabrication anything is possible.
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Re: Plug and play
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It really depends. Carb vs EFI, wiring your gauges you have now, etc. It won't be hard as far as that goes, but not a plug and play. As far as mounts, no. 

With that said, for the work to go into it, I would pick a different engine to use. They are almost all going to weigh more than the Zuk motor, but the reward for the work is much more rewarding IMO.
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Re: Plug and play
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A newer 2.7 Would be great. If yu use entire wiring harness computer and possibly instrument panel all would be good.