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Re: Favorite Mex dish?
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Pollo loco with some chorizo and a ice cold beer!
I salute you Sir!

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Re: Favorite Mex dish?
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I'd be afraid to try to ask for that!? ???
That's always the problem with foreign names for me though! :P
One of my Daughters friends is Michelle, I had to call her Melanie. :-\\\\
Told her I can't speak French. ;D

Picture is of my Uwharrie campsite before I got my Zuk!

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Re: Favorite Mex dish?
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Then this happened in our town.  
All I want from tomorrow is to get it better than today.

Claiming you are offended is essentially saying you are incapable of controlling and managing your emotions, so everyone else should do it for you.

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Re: Favorite Mex dish?
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I Lubs me some Pepe.......those are the best places 8)
  I'm trying my best to limit my fried foods intake. That being said, we have a set up like that and they sell FRIED Catfish, FRIED Okra, and collared greens......I feel that the collared greens offset the damage of the FRIED foods.......... :P ....... My story and I'm sticking with it....... ;D

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Re: Favorite Mex dish?
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MY fav mex food is Pollo Potossino ..... think ACP with BACON!

But this is my fav Mexican dish.......

I always opt for an empty plato mex food wise, but will take a whole platter of Colombian [lol]