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Sammy Snow Plow
Got 72" Rampage plow for the Sammy. There support is worst ever and if I didn't have the FULL shop I have this would never have worked on any vehicle! They have not once replied to phone or emails nor t=did they post my negative review. Bugger welds through holes that pins are supposed to go in, missing parts and electric control issues as it won't go down half the time unless I popped the hood and mess with the control box.

I have it working great now. The wireless remote is hit and miss. The wired remote is now working with some mods.
First install out of the box.

Needed shorting and lowered.

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Re: Sammy Snow Plow
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How much did that run ya? Always thought a plow on the Sammy would be sweet. Could just get contracts doing people's driveways and make a killing!