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Re: New to me 88'
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Nice looking ride! Much fun will be had, no doubt.  [thumbsup]

Last year for tintops here was '89. '88.5 got the totally different, more ergonomic dash, including a different gauge cluster and heater panel (both of which use orange print instead of the earlier yellow).

'88.5 also got a different grille (only used for '88.5 and '89), .865 fifth gear instead of .795, different rear wheel cylinders, different proportioning valve/brake line setup for the rear, softer springs with a stiffer sway bar, and I believe that's when the different headrests on the JX seats came into play (had an extra bar across the opening in the middle). I think that's everything!  ;D

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Re: New to me 88'
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 Thanks for the info!

Tbh, I have only seen I want to say '87 TT for sale when I look!

I'll keep my eye out for that possible '89 TT

Great info about the rear brakes, makes sense now when I'm out hunting for a frame and why I see the rear brake line config a hair different!

I like the split headrests too (thats what i call em atleast), need to find me a pair!


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Re: New to me 88'
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When it gets down to 17 degrees with wind chill in FL you have to build a fire and [thirsty] drink a couple of shots of crown and have a beer in between. Good thing is, we will be back in the 70's in a few days!

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Re: New to me 88'
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17 degrees you must be in the north side of Fl. PC area?
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