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Re: Lightbars
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they also have cooling fins running the full length of the back of the light.
This is odd since the LEDs produce little to no heat.
Consequently, all the fins do is catch water.
The LED lights produce little heat but the electronics that make the light do generate heat. I just bought some LED's for the headlights in my two motorcycles and each lamp has a fan at the back of the electronics to cool it.
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Re: Lightbars
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The straight lights have a rep for causing whistling and noise at higher speeds. :-\\\\  The curved ones seem to have addressed the noise issue.
Um... no.  No they haven't.(or, could be the cheap light)
I came back to this thread to mention the noise. Glad I read back through the whole thing!
yea, i thought my zuk was comin apart!  I don't have to drive it much so it was hard to notice the immediate difference.  First time i drove it with the light was in the snow and I never got very fast.
Took a little time to figure out it was the light.
It hums quite nicely between 30-40 mph then stops.
Then Whistles at around 60.
I plan to get the tiniest rubber hose they sell, slit it down the side and put it on the back of each cooling fin.  
This mess has to stop  :laugh:
You cain't buy it that way...