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Rubber bed mat mod for Samurai
I should have taken pics BUT you guys will get it. I took an old rubber bedliner mat from an old dodge truck, took some cardboard and made a template of the samurai's bed area, cut out for the rear seat hinge and seat belt mount. The I placed the cardboard over the HD rubber bedliner mat and used a silver sharpie marker to outline it. I used a jigsaw and cut it out. This stuff is TOUGH. I went thru 2 saw blades. After I installed it, I noticed a HUGE amount of road noise was gone. It was much more quiet inside, good for the stereo! And at 70+ MPH, you can have a conversation! The drivetrain and tire noise is much less and my cargo area is protected from messy spills and such. Looks factory....almost! 
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Re: Rubber bed mat mod for Samurai
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Certainly no one will complain about noise reduction.  ;D   Cool stuff!!   [thumbsup]   We would accept de facto pictars.   ;)   ;D
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Re: Rubber bed mat mod for Samurai
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WOW! I just found this section!  (revives necro thread)
I did the exact same thing, but with 1/2" thick stall mats. I did my cutting with a jigsaw in extra cold weather and the stuff cut beautifully.
I will personally testify that the reduction in road noise is outstanding and the insulation properties really help my poor old feet stay warmer.
The benefits far outweigh any concerns with the added weight.
I used the same cardboard template method to figure out the materials and bends for my stereo housing. I needed to make darned sure I didn't run up against any clearance problems with the shifter and heat hoses. It fits like a glove.
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