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1992 Geo Tracker
Hello All,

This is my first post and I need some help.  My daughters first car is a 1992 Geo Tracker.  The car ran great until we had the timing belt changed and then it lost power and to make the story short the slot on the crank that holds the crankshaft pulley on has eroded/worn out.  The tracker looks like it just came off the showroom floor and I really don't want to scrap it or sell it as a broken vehicle or for that matter put a new motor in it. 

So I found a post by a Zuwharrie member that showed how to use liquid steel and some locktite to fix the key slot.

Where I am at now:

I have on hand all of the locktite materials listed in the post. 
I have just taken the front of the motor a part so I can begin the process.
I removed the crankshaft sprocket and have found the keyway has also been malformed by the wobble.

Help needed:  I have looked all over online for an new sprocket.
I have found one on Ebay:

However, the part doesn't look like mine.  Same number of teeth but the back side looks different. 

Does anyone know where I can purchase a replacement part other than taking a risk on ebay?

Thanks everyone in advance for the assistance!  I have attached a pic of my sprocket/gear.  The pic is of the rear side of it.  the front looks like they tried to weld it to the crank to stop the wobble (2nd and 3rd trip to mechanics).


Also, Has anyone else had this issue with the crankshaft keyway, and what fix did you try?  Did it work?

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Re: 1992 Geo Tracker
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Buy a new one from the Tracker dealer, or get a used one from the wreckers.......easiest 2 options. 
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