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Just doin an alignment
It wasn't that hard, but mainly because I didn't have to touch the camber. Those shims are a PITA to get right the first time!

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Re: Just doin an alignment
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That's a beaut!  8)   Nice shop too.  [thumbsup]
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Re: Just doin an alignment
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Sweet.....Why oh why did I sell my 66.... :\\\'(

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Re: Just doin an alignment
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Wish I still had my 65 wasn't as nice as this one but it was fun to run around at the beach 
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Re: Just doin an alignment
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Sweet ride. [thumbsup]   But, the front approach angle doesn't look very good. When's the last time you had it off-road? Looks too clean to me! ;D I am so jealous.

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Re: Just doin an alignment
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Yea the front ride height is actually at stock level, but I had put some smaller tires and some GT springs (which are 1 inch lower) and have yet to compensate it, otherwise its perfect! haha

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Re: Just doin an alignment
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Loving that stang  ;)