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Survival grenade
gonna try to build one of these
One carabiner
One P51 can opener 
One 1.5 ft. X 7 ft. Survival blanket 
Two fishing weights 
One 1 ft. X 1.5 ft piece of tinfoil 
One ranger band
30 ft. of 20 lb fishing line
One bag of instafire
One bag of petroleum cotton
30 ft. Of 550 paracord 
One dual edge pocket knife 
Two fishing hooks
Two swivels 
Two soft Lours 
One bag of homemade tinder 
5 ft. of 20 g snare wire 
One razor blade 
15 strike anywhere matches with striker 
One compass 
One flint whistle buckle
2.5 feet of firecord

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Re: Survival grenade
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Saw title. Thought of something explosive.  

This works too!!!  [thumbsup]
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Re: Survival grenade
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  Well I got it done with just a few tweaks to do, I've got most of it packed and well I have added to it so its bigger then originally planed .As it's for a friends daughter and shes not all that into somethings i have changed the list a bit.
2 small bobbers fishing line  weights and 6 fish hooks bare and 2 flies
needle and thread small pair of scissors small safety pins
fire starter tinder  small bag of gunpowder
4 water steri tabs  tinfoil 12"x18"  3 small gatoraid packs 2 bullion cubes 
space blanket 30 + ft para cord 6 small zap straps small tube crazy glue  band aids