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Adding Power steering
Good day all,
I thought I'd share my experiences installing power steering. I did a bunch of research before doing this and never really found any clear instructions or issues to know about prior to installing so here were mine. 
1. I have a 1.3 DOHC engine. None of the kits say they will work with this engine and they won't without some fiddling. The problem is the cylinder head is wide and the pump mount adapter bracket won't bolt down flat to the block. All I did was weld in some spacers and use longer bolts to attach it to the block. The Petroworks kit and Lowrange Offroad kit attach to the head as well as the block. The Calmini and Trail Tough kits only attach to the block. I chose the Trail Tough kit plain and simply due to price since I already had the wedge and Calmini wouldn't just sell me the pump bracket adaptor. Calmini also recommends the use of a specialized pitman arm though I'm not sure why. The stock drag link fit perfectly into the Sidekick pitman arm. Another plus to the TT/Calmini style pump mount adapter bracket is it utilizes the factory pump bracket instead of replacing it. It's going to be possible and easier for me to install A/C now since the factory P/S and A/C brackets mount to one another. That will be a future write up.
2. I used the Petroworks wedge and my steering box just barely touches my ZOR Subspeed front bumper. Never heard of this happening but all I had to do was grind out a little spot on the bumper to clear it. No problem but better to know before trying to mount that box up...
3. For some reason my belt kept slipping off the pulley by 2 ribs. I'm sure this has something to do with the difference in the DOHC harmonic balancer as opposed to the 1.6 ones. I had to shim out my P/S pump pulley about an 1/8th of an inch to keep it on the pulley right. I'm sure if you have a 8v or a 1.6 16v this won't be a problem.
4. I already had the A/C stuff in place prior to this install. I had to loosen the condensor and radiator bolts to get the tracker steering box in. When I went to attach it all back like it was, the driver side condensor bracket hits the adjuster bolt on the steering box. Another easy fix. Just trimmed off some of the bracket and it goes right back on now. Easier to do before the box goes in though. 
5. I got the PW wedge in hopes of putting my factory rag joint back on to eliminate some vibration. When I went to put it back on, the steering shaft was too long so I ended up sticking with my PW rag joint eliminator that I've been using for years. The vibration was gone anyway. I'm guessing this has to do with the new steering box also. It says in the instructions that you have shorten your stock steering shaft to use the rag joint eliminator that came with the kit. I didn't want to do that since I already had one that would work.
So far I've driven about a tankful of gas through it with the power steering on. I love it. It makes backing my boat into the water a lot easier and the wife doesn't have to have guns like mine to turn it anymore. No noticeable loss in engine power. It did fix a wobble I used to get in the steering at about 60MPH which I guess was caused by a worn out or incorrectly adjusted Samurai steering box. 
I'm sure all of the vendor kits are great and I'm not knocking any of them. I chose what I did to minimize the modifications I'd have to make to fit my application. 

If you are looking to add power steering, I'd say go for it. I'd give it about a 6/10 difficulty on the install. It takes a bit of time but it's not terribly difficult. 

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Re: Adding Power steering
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Reviving this old thread to thank the Op for his write up. I'm about to do the exact same install on my '88 1.3 8 valve. the only difference is that I do not have AC. I've been wondering where to install the TT reservoir mount.  Your pic showed me that the location intended won't work because I have my 2nd battery there.
I'll fab up an adapter for another location.
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