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my zu camper.....
I have always wanted to build a tear drop camper but this is as close as I will get! !!!
4x6 in closed trailer
First thing I did was a spring over lift. ...
Then replaced the tongue with heavier tube.
Then insulation through out andDoor latch
Made shelf in front then installed a window in door ...
Next is roof tires and maybe some paint? ??
Drive it like it belongs to your Mother-N- Law!

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Re: my zu camper.....
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Looks good Bradley!  Will it be a single bunk?
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Re: my zu camper.....
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Something to seal out the 78 bronco gas.  [thumbsup] [thumbsup]

He needs to run less octane in that chilly  [thumbsup]   
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Re: my zu camper.....
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humidity becomes a huge issue in small spaces over night, i would definitely add a bit of ventilation here and there.  Maybe find an old camper in the junk yard and rob it of her goodies..