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Zukimelt 2014
[black_s] Did a search, and didn't see anything about this year. Anybody going to Zukimelt 2014, at Dirty Turtle ORV Park? Going on July 10, 11, & 12. I'll be there the 12th for sure. Possibly early evening on the 11th, as well.

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Re: Zukimelt 2014
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There is a little more info on the ZookiMelt forum at

It's gotten off to a shaky start with changes in location then changes back, but things seem to be progressing.

I most likely will not be there this year due to the lack of money.   Try not to drink yourself into a case of Type 2 Diabetes with Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew...   [thumbsup]

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Re: Zukimelt 2014
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[black_s]No worries on the type 2 diabetes...LOL. My potential problem will be not falling in the firering, after some PBR's, and my own homemade shine. [thumbsup]. I read all the posts on Zukicrawlers, but was surprised to not see any on here.

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Re: Zukimelt 2014
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Zookimelt 2014 will be held at Dirty Turtle Off-road Park in beautiful Bedford, Ky July 10th, 11th, 12th. Events will include, a Rally, Poker Run, Hill Climb, Barbie Jeep Race, Raffle and anything else our twisted minds can come up with. Even though this is a Suzuki event ALL BRANDS of 4x4s and Side by sides are welcome to come hang out and wheel with us, and if you would like to attend and don't have a 4x4, PLEASE let me know and I will do my best to find you a open seat for the event.

They offer trails from mild to wild and I believe the cost should be around 35 dollars per rig, 10 dollars for each additional person for the full weekend and Camping is included. So Mark your Calendars Everybody!

Here are the 2014 Events times...
Thursday 10th-
Open Wheeling All Day (gates open at 9:00)
Friday 11th-
11:00- Rally (Helmets Required)
4:00 - Poker Run
9:30 - Night Run
Saturday 12th-
11:00 - Group Picture (location TBA)
1:00 - Bounty Hill (Helmets Required; Timed Event)
4:00 - Barbie Jeep Race (location TBA)
6:30 - Raffle
Sunday 13th-
Open Wheeling Day

Ill be there first thing Friday Morning.  I don't know why Brent hasn't posted any info here.
I didn't have enough money for a family SxS. So here I am....and I don't regret my decision one bit!