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survival basics
A buddy of mine has got me into all of this survival tactics stuff.

He made me a homemade burner out of 2 aluminum can bottoms and it is cool.

This weekend I am going to replicate this but make it a little taller to store more fuel.

Dont know how to add a pic using this new Zu App.... so I will add a pic when I get home
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Re: survival basics
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good skills to have, man. Never know what or when you might need to know something. We take the kids camping/hunting/wheeling year 'round. Camp in the back yard, also. Both of them can make fire and shelter from scratch, too. Not bad for being 8 and 12. [thumbsup]

Re: survival basics
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I made a beer can alcohol stove in about 15 minutes with a beer can, decent scissors, a pocket knife and some rubbing alcohol.. works actually really well, got the idea from a video:

Also, for a 'fuel-less' (you use twigs and sticks) design, check this out: