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GZ 13 Thank you!
I just wanted to thank the staff again for putting on yet another awesome event. Twin Grove was great as always, even though our bed sucked. lol. Hopefully next year something will get worked out to better suit the trailer guys. Huge thanks to all the vendors for generously donating raffle items. Also i'd like to thank hillsiderigs son for pulling those winning tickets for me. [thumbsup]

A list of the donating vendors, hopefully everyone can send some business their way or at least an email thanking them for their donations.
Low Range
Rocky Road
Trail Tough
Rock Auto
Trail Gear

Hopefully I haven't forgot any.

Leslie and I had a great time as always. It was nice to meet some new people and catch up with old friends. I hope every makes it home safe and returns next year. I know I'll be there. [thumbsup]

Re: GZ 13 Thank you!
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Yes, much thanks to all those working behind the scenes to put on such a great event!

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Re: GZ 13 Thank you!
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thanks for the effort.

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Re: GZ 13 Thank you!
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Agreed!  Thanks again guys for keeping a great event going strong!
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Re: GZ 13 Thank you!
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We had a great time.  Thanks for everything.  It was great to see everyone, even if it rained ALL DAY.  See you all next year!
~ Dennis & Sue

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Re: GZ 13 Thank you!
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I had a great time considering I was not driving most of the time. Thank you to everyone involved!