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April 2012 ZOOM -Tony Hitt -†Þanzer†
Congratulations for winning the April 2012 Zuwharrie Owner of the Month!

So tell us about you.  Who are you, where do you live, and what do you do for a living?

My name is Tony Hitt , I live in a little town in Indiana called Staunton but i am originally
from West Virgina ,however I have lived all over the world (Army Brat). For the past 14 years i have worked for the state of Indiana as a Correctional officer and 9 of that has been in a segregation unit A.K.A. The Hole

Tell us a bit about your family.

I have been married for a little over 12 years to my wonderful wife Kenna, I have 2 sons, Tyler(16) and cant wait to get a zuk and loves skateboarding !!! my yongest son Alex (13) who for some reason wants an old school Toyota and loves hunting and fishing

How did you get started in Suzuki’s?

I had a buddy that lifted one back in 99’ and i told him how cute it would look hanging from
my rear view mirror of my fullsize chevy ¾ ton....he told me that it would go any ware my truck would go and then we tested that theory..and he made my truck look like it had street tires on it after that he said hop in and we went places i never thought a deer could that was when i realized i had to have one!!!

How long did it take you to build your Zuk to what it is today?

Well its 2012 now so that would be about 12 years

Any changes in store for your rig? 2 more years when i dont need a back seat any more its going to go under the knife and by the time im done with it the only thing left in the little zuk that is suzuki will be the firewall hood and motor/ thinking Tons/coilovers and 40” tires

If you could have anybody else’s Zuk, who’s would it be and why?

Well to be honest....i really like my samurai.....but i guess if i had to pick 1 it would be the Popsicle..the machine is a beast!!!!!

What has been your best wheeling adventure?

Black mountain , Harlen Ky.

If you could go to any place in the world to wheel, where would that be?

Im sure its the same as everybody else....MOAB

Who are you closest to in the Zuwharrie community?

I would have to say Bell...hes my local fab tech guy that can make anything out of metalI want a crystal slipper that will fit your wife ? yeah im sure he could make one out of plate steel!!!!! the man is a genius with fab work!!

What other toys/hobbies do you put a lot of time into?

My first love is hunting it doesnt matter what it is ….if its legal game i will hunt it , kill it and eat it , my second would be fishing and my third as of right now is bowling

What is it about the BBS that brings you back for more?

Its family …..this whole place is family and its very laid back!! sure you got your disagreements but what family doesnt...this is the only site that i call home!!!!

What about the Zuwharrie Event would you like to see changed?

I have only been to 1 Spring Zu and as far as i could tell it went off without a would not be fair for me to judge the event only have been to it once..i thought it was an awesome time !!!!

Contact Information:
Name: Tony Hitt
Zuwharrie user name: †Þanzer†
Nickname: Hittman

Main Vehicle Specs:
Year: 1988
Make: Suzuki
Model: Samurai
Color: Green

Driveline: 92’ 1.6 8valve FI...front open with 5:13’s and the rear is out of a tracker

and it also has 5:13’s but its welded up

Steering: Good old Z-Link

Suspension:RUF/with missing links

Tires/Wheels :31x10.50 TSL’S  on  15x8 American Racing Wheels with 2.5 backspacing

Armor : ZOR front bumper and crabs , shrokworx gastank skid plate

Interior : black DIY bedliner , NCZ cage from Rock 4x fab.

Exterior : Fly green with orange accents 

Recovery gear :Straps

Best Modification: The cage from 4x helped get my family to go on the trails with me

Worse Modification: None that i can think of

Future Mods:Power steering and crossover steering

Other Clubs:ZUKMOB

Comments: its a real honor to be a part of this site and be able to help others ...i know when i first started in to Zuks everyone here was willing to help me out in any way possible and i truly appreciate it Now that i have been hear long enough..its my turn to help others

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Re: April 2012 ZOOM -Tony Hitt -†Þanzer†
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Congrats man!! Definitely someone that helps a lot and has good info  [thumbsup]

P.S. a nice zuk too!!
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Re: April 2012 ZOOM -Tony Hitt -†Þanzer†
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Congrats Tony!!!  Very well deserved!!   [thumbsup]  Cool guy and a KILLER rig! 

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Re: April 2012 ZOOM -Tony Hitt -†Þanzer†
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Re: April 2012 ZOOM -Tony Hitt -†Þanzer†
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Re: April 2012 ZOOM -Tony Hitt -†Þanzer†
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good on ya!


                                            ...what the hell you lookin' down here for?

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Re: April 2012 ZOOM -Tony Hitt -†Þanzer†
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Congrats, well deserved
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Re: April 2012 ZOOM -Tony Hitt -†Þanzer†
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Congrats, Awsome looking zuk....

88.5 sammi 5.12's locker front and rear,6.5 t-case, twin sticks.<br /> 3" lift springs,trac/kick  power steering, crabs frt/rear<br />93 tracker 8v auto w/4dr front brakes<br />05 QUV(3010 kaw mule)2" lift<br />88 sammi  tin top bone stock<br />90 tracker 8v 5 speed

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Re: April 2012 ZOOM -Tony Hitt -†Þanzer†
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thanks guys! ! ! its kind of nice to be put on the same list as some of the previous members have !

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Re: April 2012 ZOOM -Tony Hitt -†Þanzer†
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Congrats man! [thumbsup]

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Re: April 2012 ZOOM -Tony Hitt -†Þanzer†
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Congratulations  ;D [thumbsup]
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Re: April 2012 ZOOM -Tony Hitt -†Þanzer†
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Congrats man  [thumbsup]