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February 2012 ZOOM- Zack Lee- LeeBuilt
Congratulations for winning the February 2012 Zuwharrie Owner of the Month!

How does it feel being honored along with the past winners?
I feel very honored, its cool to get recognized for anything positive

So tell us about you.  Who are you, where do you live, and what do you do for a living?
My name Zack Lee I live in Gardnerville, NV with my wife of 7 years (Brittany) and my (2) kids
Kana (daughter 5yrs) and Charlie (Son 3yrs).
I build Suzuki and Toyota performance engines. Most of my engines are used for the off-road sector so fun and enjoyment is what I actually do for a living

Tell us a bit about your family.
I was blessed with a wonderful wife and two great children. My daughter is 5 and my son is 3 and as everyone says “what a great age”. The kids are a joy and the wife isn’t half bad either. Making the decision to start a new business in these economic times was and is a challenge for us or anybody but the family is always first and with enough planning things don’t have to be as scary as anticipated. My family is always up to hit a local trail or go shooting and as simple as it sounds that’s good enough for me.

How did you get started in Suzuki’s?
I don’t know if it’s legal for me to tell you…..LOL
I started working for an engine shop and when things went south for me I started my own Suzuki/Toyota engine shop to fill a niche. I had always fiddled with zuks in the past just never thought it would turn out this way.

How long did it take you to build your Zuk to what it is today?
I have been changing Zuks like underwear these days (every couple days) so I don’t work on them for long. One of these days I’m going to settle down with a nice clean Tinny and spend some time/effort/money into making it a shop rig, just haven’t found “the one” One can only hope.

Any changes in store for your rig?
Swapping engines soon to a 1.6 flat-top engine, maybe some paint….

If you could have anybody else’s Zuk, who’s would it be and why?
NO, NO, NO, I have enough problem children on my hands I want no more of anybody else’s. There are several Zuks in the community that I admire I just have not heard of any “xtreme build” that didn’t have some weird quirks or even major problems. My favorite zuks are 3-4” of lift, 30-31” tire, minor t-case mods, Zukiengines super sick engine…..and that’s it, keep it functional

What has been your best wheeling adventure?
Most city people will hate me for this but I can’t give you a favorite. I live smack dab in the middle of it all; I have better wheeling in my backyard than most people drive 6 hours to see. The desert in silver springs is neat, the terrain at moon rocks is cool, Pinenut mountain range is always a winner, and Rubicon trail I hear is a 4x4 friendly place, LOL.

If you could go to any place in the world to wheel, where would that be?
I would want to go to Florida and see how the deep nasty mud bogs go. It’s really neat to get to talk to as many Samurai people as I do from all over the States and the world for that matter. Florida by far gets the most calls for high performance engines due to the thick and nasty mud and that would be my top #1 place I would want to go play.

Who are you closest to in the Zuwharrie community?
I’m a loner; it’s just me and my engines.

What other toys/hobbies do you put a lot of time into?
I play poker at the casinos for fun and try to get out target shooting as much as possible. I was raised shooting competitively and have really tried to get the edge back since we moved to all this open space in Nevada

What is it about the BBS that brings you back for more?
I enjoy the light atmosphere and attitudes and I really enjoy being able to help with Samurai tech when I’m available

What about the Zuwharrie Event would you like to see changed?
I have not been but plan to in the future and will be happy to give you my 2 pennies when I have them!

Contact Information:
Name: Zack lee
Zuwharrie user name: LeeBuilt
Nickname: Lee


Main Vehicle Specs:
Year: 88 ½                          
Make: Suzuki
Model: Samurai
Color: Black soon to be tan

Driveline: Chubby

Steering: NO Power

Suspension: 4” SPOA

Tires/Wheels : 31” BF Mud Terrain

Armor : LOL, Nope

Interior : pretty basic

Exterior : pretty basic

Recovery gear : Chains, Visa, Cell-phone

Best Modification: Engine

Worse Modification: Heineken bottle for overflow container

Future Mods: ZOR front and rear bumpers, paint, minor interior mods

Other Clubs:

Comments: Thanks for taking some time to learn about LeeBuilt aka Zack Lee and


Zack Lee

775-577-4609 (Shop)
775-577-4610 (Shop mobile)

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Re: February 2012 ZOOM- Zack Lee- LeeBuilt
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Woah!   :o  Congrats Zack!!!   8) 
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Re: February 2012 ZOOM- Zack Lee- LeeBuilt
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Re: February 2012 ZOOM- Zack Lee- LeeBuilt
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88.5 sammi 5.12's locker front and rear,6.5 t-case, twin sticks.<br /> 3" lift springs,trac/kick  power steering, crabs frt/rear<br />93 tracker 8v auto w/4dr front brakes<br />05 QUV(3010 kaw mule)2" lift<br />88 sammi  tin top bone stock<br />90 tracker 8v 5 speed

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Re: February 2012 ZOOM- Zack Lee- LeeBuilt
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Congratulations Zack.
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Re: February 2012 ZOOM- Zack Lee- LeeBuilt
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Congrats  [thumbsup]

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Re: February 2012 ZOOM- Zack Lee- LeeBuilt
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Congrats Zack!

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Re: February 2012 ZOOM- Zack Lee- LeeBuilt
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Figured I would post a pic of the whole fam damily while I was here. Thanks to all!
I've been called alot of things, I prefer Zack Lee or Lee if you don't have time to say two names!

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Re: February 2012 ZOOM- Zack Lee- LeeBuilt
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congrats zak!!! cant wait until i can convince the wife that i NEED one of your motors   :)
gone wheelin'

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Re: February 2012 ZOOM- Zack Lee- LeeBuilt
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Congradulations Mr. Lee... I can only wish that some day my Zuk will have an engine in it that is as awesome as yours!!!
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