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January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
Congratulations for Winning the January 2012 Zuwharrie Owner of the Month!

How does it feel being honored along with the past winners?

-I consider it an honor to be here. I know a lot or the past winners and I’m among good company!

So tell us about you.  Who are you, where do you live, and what do you do for a living?

-I’m Matt Towe, I live in Walnut Cove, NC, and I am currently umemployeed.
I am working on a “hobby” that got out of hand building guitars out of wooden cigar boxes. . Outhouse Instruments. (

Tell us a bit about your family.

-My wife is Susan … she has wheeled with me before, but not real fond of it. My oldest daughter, Morgan, can’t tear herself away from texting long enough to go wheeling. Annika, my youngest daughter enjoys it and is ready to ride any trail.
The youngest in the family is Brady, our dog. He’s a Puggle and is the wife’s favorite family member!

How did you get started in Suzuki’s

-I saw the commercials, you know, the ‘Born to be wild” ones when they first started importing them …. Looked at a gray market ’86 in some guys front yard, and then went and bought my Zook brand new in 1987. Back then Jeeps were considered “chick magnets”, I was single and figured the cute, topless, 4wd would be better than a Jeep! Yeah, I’ll admit it. Men are pigs!

How long did it take you to build your Zuk to what it is today?

-My zook was/sometimes is my daily driver, so I would only do one thing at a time. Probably 3 years doing a random weekend at a time.

Any changes in store for your rig?

-Pretty much happy with it the way it is. I would like to add air lockers at some point ….. just wait and see how the employment thing goes.

If you could have anybody else’s Zuk, who’s would it be and why?

-I really like the way Rawlings finished up Art’s Popsickle, and if anyone remembers them, I loved the 2 zooks with the ¼ elliptical from Conneticut.

What has been your best wheeling adventure?

-Callalantee in TN is always a blast …. Welder is my favorite trail I’ve ever run.
But I’ll have to say it was the last Fall Zu I attended. Four hours of sleep every night, and only 3-4 other hours spent in camp ….. I ran through two tanks of gass in 3 days of wheelin’!

If you could go to any place in the world to wheel, where would that be?

I wanna do Moab, but then who doesn’t?
If I was filthy rich …. I circle the globe in a Samurai!

Who are you closest to in the Zuwharrie community?

-Ken Earles ( Surly ) was one of my first friends and always has been a bud.

What other toys/hobbies do you put a lot of time into?

I’m a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, I do the Cigar Box guitar thing, I love to go geocaching, but the kids sports take up most of my time.

What is it about the BBS that brings you back for more?

-Family. Just can’t leave family.

What about the Zuwharrie Event would you like to see changed?

-Back to two events. And a lot more member participation at the events. And also more attendee participation in the planned/scheduled events.


Contact Information:
Name: Matt Towe
Zuwharrie user name: Lizooki

Main Vehicle Specs:
Year: 1987
Make: Suzuki
Model: Samurai
Color: Blue

Driveline: Sami frt axle, Sami/kick hybrid rear with 4.62 r&p in both. 4.16 t-case.

Steering: Old school original RRO OTT

Suspension: CJ/RUF springover … No kits, built it myself.

Tires/Wheels : Summit wheels with 2”bs wrapped by 32x11.50 BFGs

Armor : none

Interior : dirty

Exterior : dirtier

Recovery gear : I have a strap ….. somewhere.

Best Modification: Gears

Worse Modification: The first one, ‘cuz you can’t just stop with one!

Future Mods: Air lockers …. Maybe.

Other Clubs: NC4x4

Comments: I love you guys!

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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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Congrats Matt!  Very well deserved!   [thumbsup] 

[idea]  Maybe we should hit Welder again!    :)
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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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88.5 sammi 5.12's locker front and rear,6.5 t-case, twin sticks.<br /> 3" lift springs,trac/kick  power steering, crabs frt/rear<br />93 tracker 8v auto w/4dr front brakes<br />05 QUV(3010 kaw mule)2" lift<br />88 sammi  tin top bone stock<br />90 tracker 8v 5 speed

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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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Congrats Matt!!

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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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moab one day sounds great!

                                            ...what the hell you lookin' down here for?

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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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No flex, no smooth ride, no money       no kidding....

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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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Congrats man [thumbsup]

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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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Thanks guys!


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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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congrats! nice little zuk!
gone wheelin'

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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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Nice Zuk Man, congrats! [thumbsup]

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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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Congratulations Matt.


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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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Congratulations Matt! Very well deserved.

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Re: January 2012 ZOOM-Matt Towe-Lizooki
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