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2003 Polaris Sportsman 700 no spark, ck this out...

Started by ZUKIMON, Wednesday, Dec 14, 2011, 07:48 AM

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OK, so I traded for a Sportsman 700 with a bad coil/cdi unit. After some research I found out that the cdi on these were made by Ducati and were junk, so much in fact that Polaris offered a retro-fit kit consisting of a new stator, flywheel, cdi/coil and wiring adapters to get rid of that crap for a mere $450.00  :o  I can't afford to go that route, nor will I pay $200 for a replacement coil that will not last either.

What I did was to put a (and here is where it gets good ;D) Jacobs ignition box, 3.8 GM coil pack combo on this thing last night and it runs like a champ! Bad news is I have no start retard so when it gets hot and you try to restart it, it will flat knock the starter back and backfire if it's on compression stroke. I can buy an MSD Starter Saver (start retard) unit but that's like $100. I don't want to spend anything near that on the ATV cause I am cheap (I'm on here ain't I?) lol 

What I am wondering is without buying this start retard box, is there any way that I could build my own? I know that I could just put a toggle switch on the starter wire going to the ignition box and crank the engine over then release the switch to allow it to start, but that doesn't change the fact that it will try to fire and may backfire. Any ideas? I know there are a few racers on here and some engine builders. BTW, I am getting my signal from a crank sensor, not from a disty. ;)

I have a great wife. ;)


Well, I simply give it a little gas when I am starting it and so far it is working perfectly. It is slightly hard to start at times, depending upon what stroke/crank angle. I forgot to mention that I got the Jacobs ignition box, GM coil pack and everything else needed for free. I didn't want you to think that I was too cheap do dish out $100 for a start retard when I had purchased these items. ;D

I have a great wife. ;)

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