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Trip Odometer Button Fix
I don’t usually presume to do “how to” posts. I certainly didn’t invent the idea of using a pen button. It was actually my wife that pointed out to me that the retractable Sharpies have rather long buttons. I just had to share how well the “mod” came out.


Parts:1 ea. Retractable Sharpie (I used black)
1 ea. Small Grommet (9/16” O.D., 1/4” I.D., 3/8” groove diameter)

Instructions:1. Disassemble marker and remove button.

2. Remove instrument cluster.

3. Remove face plate from Combo Meter.

4. CAREFULLY ream out the hole for the Trip Odometer button. The clear plastic is very brittle. Start with a 9/32” bit and work your way up to 3/8” one bit size at a time.

5. Gently de-burr the edges of the hole with a hand held 1/2” drill bit or rotary file.

6. Insert the grommet in the hole and ensure the groove is filly engaged all the way around.

7. CAREFULLY ream out the grommet opening (from the inside) with a 9/32” bit.

8. Insert the pen button (from the inside out).

9. Align the new button over the Trip Odometer post and reinstall the face plate.

10. Reinstall the Combo Meter.

The result is an OEM look with a near perfect fit!

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Re: Trip Odometer Button Fix
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AWSOME Joel !!

Excellent write up !!
Loud Proud & Country By The Grace Of God !!!

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Re: Trip Odometer Button Fix
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AWSOME Joel !!

Excellent write up !!

x2!  Love the clever stuff.   [thumbsup]
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Re: Trip Odometer Button Fix
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Way to think outside the box!

I have a great wife. ;)

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Re: Trip Odometer Button Fix
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Great Idea  I gotta fix mine