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October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
Congratulations for winning the October 2011 Zuwharrie Owner of the Month!

How does it feel being honored along with the past winners?

Yes, I feel very much Honored, especially after reading through their interviews… I am not a mudder, I don’t own a Samurai yet, So thanks for looking beyond that… But KNOW… that I would have Samurai’s if the TrackKick line had not been developed… I’m glad that I found this site, and am pleased to have learned a little bit to contribute to the Readers here on Zuwharrie…

So tell us about you.  Who are you, where do you live, and what do you do for a living?

I’m Jeff Johnson, I have a BS in Engineering with a second major in Business Management. I live in Middle Tennessee and enjoy one of the nation’s most intense Fireworks Shows at Nashville’s Riverfront Park every July 4th… I’m a Realtor, and a currently a full time Care Giver for my elderly mother… My major influences were an Uncle that was a mechanic for TVA… And then a family friend, a Doctor/Pediatrician, Yacht owner, that wasn’t too good to tear apart his own boat motor… right there on the dock… I admired it all (including his three beautiful daughters)

Tell us a bit about your family.
Still close to my 3rd X wife… and my three stepchildren… The older two ( a Nurse and a Marine) have driven TrackKicks thru High School. The youngest is 13, and looks to me for her first TrackKick… My three are all in their twenties… Son and his wife drove Trackers for years… My girls never got into TrackKicks much, but they are awesome mothers…(those grandsons will know TrackKicks) I am now working on a 4th marriage relationship… Yep, She’s an even younger model too… With a 4 wheeler/dirt bike background… She wants to help me build up the purple 5 spd Tracker… as her DD…

How did you get started in Suzuki’s?
I decided I wanted back what my second X wife got in the Divorce… Our almost new ’94 Tracker 5 speed… Bought a ’96 Tracker auto for the younger replacement… (Wife #3) and the uhh… The Replenishment Began…

How long did it take you to build your Zuk Collection to what it is today?

   Feb of 2001 brought the ’96 Tracker… Then found a ’95 2WD that was cheap and clean and custom tinted green… for my 16 year old son… Found a low mileage 4WD rollover in a Salvage yard to convert it… But then 2 weeks later I ran across an even nicer ’94… So the nicer one got the 4WD… Haven’t stopped buying parts, parts cars, and fixer uppers… for over 10 years now…

Why a Suzuki and not another 4x4?

Simply… They are more Economical than any other 4WD SUV… Affordable… Plentiful… Reliable… I always liked the Styling…
I have 3 or 4 Jeeps… but they are stored away (as If I would ever need them again).

If you could have anybody else’s Zuk, who’s would it be and why?
Though I love TrackKicks primarily… I think the one Zuk, that stands out the most, is a Beautiful dark Red Samurai… It was “For Sale” in Florida… about a year or two ago… Someone on this forum, I think… had it listed… (remember?? The one that had earlier pics with the black fender extensions along with a couple more recent pics with newer wheels, tires and some fabulous factory like fender extensions… painted to perfection with the same Burgundy paint…??)

What has been your best wheeling adventure?
  Clearly, It was On the road… Nashville was totally Shut down with an Ice storm… My youngest daughter was stuck at school… And needed a hero… All roads were closed or blocked with wrecked or struggling cars… I had just driven back from Wisconsin in my 6th … a ’93 Sidekick… A rust bucket, but it performed that day like no other vehicle on the road… it quickly became a family favorite… I heard My 1st X wife (a teacher) drove it for several months to her School…

Who are you closest to in the Zuwharrie community?
I’ve met many nice people, when traveling to pick up stuff bought in the For Sale Section… In fairness, I should also say… I’ve met a lot of equally nice people when picking up TrackKicks and parts from Ebay auctions.

What other toys/hobbies do you put a lot of time into?
Self taught myself in building Computers… Passed that Profession off to my son… Now he has a cush Field Service Specialist job with the school system… Back to my original love… Power… I’ve put together an awesome high power, multi channel, home theater system… From all vintage, high end, audio components… (By high power, I mean they need three time delayed power protector/filter/sequencers to turn on all the amps… to avoid tripping my home’s 20 amp breakers…) With a Pioneer Elite SC-5 as a control unit… to decode the latest 7.1 channel signal from Blu Ray Disc’s… which is currently DTS-HD master audio. Now… finally… after all these years… MTV and others are broadcasting live performances with digital surround quality that both shakes the room and puts you there in the middle of the live performance… Better than I could have ever hoped to experience… And my GF… she doesn’t make me turn it down… Do you “Party Rock” ?? LOL…

What is it about the BBS that brings you back for more?

Here it’s the people… They always ask questions freely, answer them willingly. I fit right in, reading and learning about things I never thought about doing… Repairs or mods are always new and interesting to me… I like to learn… and return the favor… pass on whatever I can… Most of all, I know there is always someone out there… equally willing to critique my comments… They speak up and it feels good to end up… getting it right…

What about the Zuwharrie Event would you like to see changed?
    Haven’t been to one yet… Would like to Attend… Meet some of those I’ve read so much about… Have a good look at the modded Zuks… and Maybe ride along with someone… Hey, I used to pull a manure spreader with my ’47 Willys… I was 12 and got used to being covered up with flying _ _ _ _.

Contact Information: johnsonian@heartof
Name: Jeff Johnson
Zuwharrie user name: TVT

Main Vehicle Specs:

Year: They are ’89 thru ‘96

Make:  Suzuki/Chevy

Model: (3) 4 doors, (3) Hardtops, the rest are Soft tops I have one

Color: (1) Rose, (1) Purple, (2) Maroon, (4) Red, (2) Blue, the rest are Black or White

Suspension: All of mine are Stock except the ‘89 (latest Acquisition) is trimmed and lifted  2” + 2” + 1”… and front A arm widening mod…

Tires/Wheels : Mostly I prefer 235’s…on something Chrome…I Like my American Racing “Nitro’s” Chromed Aluminums. But on the ’89… I’ll use my 8” black 10 hole wheels w/31” Liberators… 32’s. with a more aggressive tread, will come later on…

Armor : Would like to see Durable Plastic Panels/Fender Extensions… offered Specifically for the 1st gen TrackKick.

Interior : All of mine are restored to stock… or in the process…

Exterior : Always wanted a Yellow one… But I think Yellow looks best on The 2 Door Tin Top model…

Future Mods: I have a lightly damaged frame (salvage yard acquired) that just deserves a straight front axle… someday I will “Make It So”…

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Re: October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
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Congrats Jeff!  Well deserved!   [thumbsup]  Gotta love the high-tech hobbies.   ;D ;D

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Re: October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
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CONGRATS TOO YOU!!! Nice looking track/kicks. :) -jd
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Re: October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
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No flex, no smooth ride, no money       no kidding....

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Re: October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
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Congrats to one of the few members on here that have had more track/kicks than me lol (now you just need to get some of the Canadian Variants ;D )

Yes I wheel a can stop laughing now. ;D

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Re: October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
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Re: October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
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Congrats man,welcome to the club! [thumbsup]

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Re: October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
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Re: October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
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  Thanks Guys...  All of you are inspirations... Beekiller, Your the Man... I am one of the few that stayed with your new dark background format... Wouldn't change it back even if I could figure out how...  (Just Kidding  8))   Yea, you're a good guy... Even if you didn't respond to my question on your "For Sale" thread...
   As for me... There are a lot of ways I'd like to branch out...  SAS, maybe Yotas, VW Diesel Power, Coils and 3/4 Links, Someday I'll own a Samurai - Really Like the idea of an Automatic Samurai...  And as my schedule frees up. I'd like to start attending the meets... And See what real fun in the mud is like... (just no manure spreaders please)

  Oh, and I can't forget TrackKick Electric Conversions... Been looking at what components other guys are using... Mostly Fork Lift Components...  Anyway... I see the future... in all Electric 1st Gen TrackKick Conversions...

  Yes, I like my little stereo...  Thank God all my neighbors are Blind and have Homes with Insulated Windows... [lol]

  Some of the rest of you need to go ahead and get that much needed therapy... My daughter thinks she's a therapist... Thats one thing she and I have in common... We both think we can help everybody...  LOL...

Again Guys,  You all are Great...    Much thanks, for the Honors...

Jeff Johnson


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Currently with 24 TrackKicks... ***'89 thru '96 ***
 All but 3 of them are 2 Doors And Three are Tin Tops...

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Re: October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
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... one of the few members on here that have had more track/kicks than me...

   Guess what I use to trailer them home... Now that my Mazda Van's trans finally played out ?? ??  a Liberty, of course... 8)

   Jeff ( yea, it hurts a little, that you don't have them any more...  but I admire you for Once having that many...)
Currently with 24 TrackKicks... ***'89 thru '96 ***
 All but 3 of them are 2 Doors And Three are Tin Tops...

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Re: October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
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Congrats, Jeff.

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Re: October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
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thank you for your valuable contributions, and a sincere congrats on ZOOM...

(Now pack a bag/load one of them trackicks, and see you next week at the unzu !)

                                            ...what the hell you lookin' down here for?

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Re: October 2011 ZOOM: TVT (Jeff Johnson)
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... Now pack a bag/load one of them Trackicks, and see you next week at the unzu !...

  I wish I could... But tied down here... for now...  I do have a small enclosed trailer... and I kept the Tires off that old Manure Spreader... [lol]

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Currently with 24 TrackKicks... ***'89 thru '96 ***
 All but 3 of them are 2 Doors And Three are Tin Tops...