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Samurai ratrod
Well I've got a crazy idea to build a samurai ratrod but was wandering if anyone has built one. The plan is to use a trackick frame that I have and work the suspension to lower it. I have a v6 4.3/th350 to go in it also. Now here's the part that everyones going to hate. I have a 87 tin top body that I plan on chopping the top and widening the body to the width of a trackick to alow the rear tires to tuck in the wheelwells. As for the front I plan on running no hood or fenders. So what do y'all think

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Re: Samurai ratrod
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I think its really pretty cool.
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Re: Samurai ratrod
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I drew something like this with a chopped roofline and an enclosed engine bay a few years back.  Still looking for the jpg.

Either way, i say do_it.  chopping the top should be easy since all of the glass is flat.

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Re: Samurai ratrod
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I think the one on Ebay is the stupidest Sammy that I have ever seen, IMHO
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Re: Samurai ratrod
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i did some photoshoping and this is what i came up with as far as the chopped sami. i think it looks bad [censored]

Re: Samurai ratrod
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Re: Samurai ratrod
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I threw around the idea of a samurai ratrod recently after I slammed my rock buggy and liked the look. The major problem for me in chopping the top would be that I am 6 feet tall and my head is close to the roof now in a stock tintop body. I would think the floor would have to be chopped and lowered as well to remain comfortable or lowride the seats.
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Re: Samurai ratrod
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now that looks good!!!!!