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June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
Congratulations A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson) for winning the June 2010 Zuwharrie Owner of the Month! !

How does it feel being honored along with the past winners?
It’s an honor to be included with such a great bunch of enthusiasts.

So tell us about you.  Who are you, where do you live, and what do you do for a living?
My name is Jasper, I live in Andrews, NC, and currently I’m very happily unemployed!

Tell us a bit about your family.
My lovely wife Jessica, and my 5yr. old son Brayden keep me sane in an insane world.

How did you get started in Suzuki’s? And/or how did you come across your current zuk?
I have loved wheelin’ ever since I was a child and rode in a brand new Sami in 86’(I was 12) Although it would be many years and various rigs later, I always knew I would have a Sami one day

How long did it take you to build your Zuk to what it is today?
Well, I have 4 Sami’s now in various states of operation, but the one I started with(my main trail rig) I bought bone stock in 07’. At this moment it’s sitting up on blocks waiting for it’s next set of axles; Yota? Waggy? Full width? Don’t know yet, I’m waiting for a good deal!

Any changes in store for your rig? And where would you like to see your zuk in 5 years?
For now the axle swap w/coils &links, an exo, and some bomb-proof motor mounts (cause the 318 mount just don’t cut it). 5yrs…who knows.. 650hp Cummins? Haha

If you could have anybody else’s Zuk, who’s would it be and why?
Hideous4x4’s yellow tintop…cause it’s just plain nasty yet still very streetable.

What has been your best wheeling adventure?
That would have to be the spring 08’ Zu. We took 16 days and camped and wheeled our way down the outer banks and then spent 3 days at the Zu event on the way home. Met some great folks and had the time of our lives.

If you could go to any place in the world to wheel, where would that be?
Although I have been through Moab several times, I have never been able to leave the pavement….I would love to wheel Moab!

Who are you closest to in the Zuwharrie community?
That would have to be my buddy Josh(Palmers87sami)

What other toys/hobbies do you put a lot of time into?
We love to go camping/fishing, hiking, & of course wheelin & wrenchin

What is it about the BBS that brings you back for more?
A great group of folks more interested in helping one another than talkin’ trash.

What about the Zuwharrie Event would you like to see changed?
I have only been to one so far (soon to be two!) and I do have a complaint; In addition to all of the incredible, hard work you guys do to put on this great event, why can’t you do a little rain dance or something to keep the dust down and make the trails more difficult? Doesn’t seem like to much to ask, but hey, Maybe next time.

Got a funny or interesting wheeling story related to your zuk?
Oh, yes…. But I’ll save those for the campfire!

Contact Information:
Name: Jasper Patterson
Zuwharrie user name: A-town zuk

Main Vehicle Specs:
Year: 1987
Model: Samurai
Color: Silver

Driveline:1.6 8v EFI, 5pd, 6.5 twin sticked case

Steering: MIA


Tires/Wheels : MIA

Armor :Home fabbed bumpers, ZOR T-case cradle

Interior : RX7 seats

Exterior : beaten & bruised

Recovery gear : smitty built 8000# and the usual gear

Best Modification:Twin sticks

Worse Modification:

Future Mods: axles, steering, susp.  lol

Other Clubs:


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Re: June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
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No flex, no smooth ride, no money       no kidding....

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Re: June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
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way to go
Keep the Bright side up and the dark side down and always CELEBRATE LIFE

Re: June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
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Congrats!  [thumbsup]

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Re: June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
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Jasper!!!! congrats man! you deserve the zoom, thanks for all the help, I hate that i had to miss the Zu but I hope you have a great time, talk to ya when you get back

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Re: June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
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Congratulations!!  Nice zuk!  And wow, those are great pics, with your son.  Real treasures. 

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Re: June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
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88.5 sammi 5.12's locker front and rear,6.5 t-case, twin sticks.<br /> 3" lift springs,trac/kick  power steering, crabs frt/rear<br />93 tracker 8v auto w/4dr front brakes<br />05 QUV(3010 kaw mule)2" lift<br />88 sammi  tin top bone stock<br />90 tracker 8v 5 speed

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Re: June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
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t0nKaTrAcKeR's sis!

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Re: June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
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Way to go Jasper!

Nice meeting you and thanks for the seats.

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Re: June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
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Thanks you guys!  It is truly an honor to be part of the Zuwharrie family.   I just noticed however that my lovely wife Jessica did not make it into the photos (cause she is usually doing such a great job behind the camera).   Here she is showing off the Sami the day we brought it home.

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Re: June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
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KIO Reject

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Re: June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
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Re: June 2010 ZOOM - A-Town zuk (Jasper Patterson)
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Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!