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Weber vs Weber "Solex" carbs?

Started by sunnyzook, Sunday, Aug 23, 2009, 12:20 AM

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Bought an 88JX soft top almost 2 years ago that was 100% original. Time for a new carb-the original is starting to act up.
I'm confused-there are 2 kinds of Webers for sale on Ebay, the real Weber and Weber Solex. Can someone explain the difference between the 2?
More confusion: the Weber sells a 32/36 while the Weber Solex sells 34/34.
Which one would be good for use as a daily driver?
Also I'd love to here comments on performance of either brand.
Thanks guys!


If you are going off road, neither are a good choice. Both act up on steep inclines and tend to flood.

The Solex is a knock off. The jets are hard to find, and people with experience tuning hem are even harder to find. If you are going to go with a Weber, make absolutely sure it is a genuine Weber 32/36 or if you have a modified engine a Weber outlaw 38.

At this time the CV carbs are a very good way to go.

Before you ditch the stock carb, replace your PCV, replace all your vacuum lines, and check for somethign disconnected or dirty. If you get a ne carb, you'll have to tune it to your rig. Why not get that experience now, and possibly save your self the headache of a carb swap by getting yours running right. At least you will know ether or not your stock carb is shot.
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Bama Zuk

Just my thoughts,but i love the webers I have had and have now.
I have always ran the 32 and once you get it right and mounted backwards they are a nice power gain.


I replaced all of the vacuum hoses and PCV valve after I bought the JX 'cause the carb was hesitating, the idle was a bit shaky and sometimes it would backfire. It really helped but 1.5 years later it has hesitation when accelerating from a stop, lags in 3rd-4th if you really try to accelerate and heard 1 or 2 backfires just the other day. It's getting dangerous for me to be so slow as I'm in South Florida and everyone drives as if they are sitting on Ghost (mega hot) peppers-LOL.
Skyman-what is a CV carb?
Is a Weber Redline a Solex?
Thought single Webers would be easy to own, unlike Mikuni,etc. and stay tuned.....
Also I would think a manual choke would give the least amount of trouble as I detest the water and electric chokes.
I really want to keep it real simple.
More input is appreciated!

Still Zukin'

Backfire can be caused by a lean situation.

A weak accelerator pump in the carb could cause lean when you try to accelerate.  Hit the throttle the butterfly opens up and adds more air but the pump did not supply more gas = lean and a backfire.

Check a Suzuki dealer and see if you can get an accelerator pump. Should be way cheaper than a new carb.
No flex, no smooth ride, no money       no kidding....


CV carbs are the Ny-side setup Myron from zuks off road sells. IMHO the best performing kit for the money out there as far as aftermarket carbs go.

A Weber 's a good carb, just not for off road, I've had trouble with them front and backwards mounted.

A true Weber for the 1.3 is a Weber 32/36. The 34/34 is a knock off, anything solex is also a knock off. They somehow got the license for the name weber, but they are junk IMHO and nothing near a true Weber in quality or performance.

Here's a link, look at the my-side2 I've honestly heard nothing but good, very good reports about these carbs. They also accelerate like a bike, very snappy and quick to move.
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The carb was rebuilt a few years ago. The idle adjustment screw doesn't seem to work that well.
I wouldn't doubt the acc pump could be faulty. A new acc pump/boot runs about $50/delivered from Suzukijohn but being it's so old it might need another rebuild.  Looks like a Weber would have a lot of +'s and since my Zook is all stock the most off roading I'd do would be some grassy hills. When I get the $$ I should just go on and buy one.
Regarding mounting a Weber backward: never heard of this application. Why would you do this?
I'm learning quite a bit-
Thanks again to all! 


webers have an issue on inclines, the bowl fills with full and when on incline it can not get the fuel from the bowl so it stalls, turn it around and it will stall going down hills which some find it better verses going up hill.
Thanks, 67fastback

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Ok- that makes sense.
Too bad they can't redesign it to compensate for off road situations like that.

webers have an issue on inclines, the bowl fills with full and when on incline it can not get the fuel from the bowl so it stalls, turn it around and it will stall going down hills which some find it better verses going up hill.

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