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Samurai Tech / Re: Cadillac smooth
Last post by BrooklynZuk -
Yeah, I thought the Corbeau seats would be so comfortable for the price. They look freaking awesome in the ride, but are stiff to me, I feel like I have to arch my back backwards for my head to touch the head rest. The heated seats work awesome though.
I don't suppose its related to the ECM  ??

You could try plugging to other parts rig ECM in and try it ?? 

Just a thought ?? ;)
I swapped the injector out with one from the parts sidekick, as well as the spark plug wire, ISCV, TSP/Throttle plate and the injector harness. The issue remains. For the hell of it I took the parts off my tracker and put them on the parts sidekick, it runs perfect. EGR stall test was a pass and snaps back with ease.

I plan to check ignition timing today, and test the fuel pressure if I can get my hands on a tester..

Also after swapping the above parts, I got DRLs for the first time ever. And since then the DRLs come and go... I think I might have a deep seated electrical issue. :\\\'(

Well it's a lie to say it's not running a bit better, but it's still not running right. The biggest issue right now is stalling when load is released off the engine. So when putting it into park and neutral, or letting off on the throttle when crawling sometimes makes it stall out like you turned the key off.
The pix are now working on this end.  Double check to be sure.  [thumbsup]
General Chit Chat / Re: Bama Zuk
Last post by Newfie-Zuk -

                [red_s] [red_s]  ;D  !! Happy Birthday !! ;D   [red_s] [red_s]
Samurai Tech / Re: Cadillac smooth
Last post by bad zuki -
Yj's.  ones that are flat on a sami.

Mine have been on a wheeling rig since 2003 I think. They ride great.  Just still not as good as @ecoast rig.   I gotta get me a set of caviler seats. 
Samurai Tech / Re: LED headlight question
Last post by Hoppy_islander -
O yeah forgot to mention that, after hooking the harness up the light wouldn't work at at. So I removed the anti flickers and that fix it.

So yes all you'll need is the upgraded harness and LED lights.

Just to be fair though when I emailed the guys at LRO they did say that it may not work with all LEDs. But it did work with the ones I have a link to at the start of this thread.
For Sale / Re: Frame
Last post by Lizooki -
Any idea what is weights?
Would it fit on a 5X8 trailer?

Matt - contemplating ......
For Sale / Re: Incomplete ‘96 Tracker Project
Last post by c_legaspi -
i could use the  intake manifold with the fuel rail and fuel injector wiring harness if its a california model. need also all the egr stuff.
Samurai Tech / Re: LED headlight question
Last post by trooperjd -
Ok so the LED lights from amazon and the upgraded harness from LRO is all that was needed?  What about the anti flicker you mentioned, is it a separate item or is it included with upgraded harness?