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I'm in search of a stock Samurai front bumper. I have the lights already, I need the bumper and the end caps.

I know they're crappy but I like the stock look.
None here. any I have come across are mangled and rusty 
mmmmmm parts ;D
what is the known condition on those sidekick steering wheel combo switches? i need a working one [idea]
my wipers broke constant on, so i put a switch inline to just turn them OFF [approve]
They all worked when pulled. If they didn't work they would have gone to scrap with the rest of the truck. 
Still got the unknown Holley Carb? ;D
I'll go $20 on it.
Ship to 27522?
Thanks!    Doug  [thumbsup]
I will bring it home tonight an see what shipping will be. 
Any update on the non-feedback carb? @geopat

I would love to have one for my collection!  [lol] [thumbsup] [red_s] :welder:
Sent you some more pictures 
Also added a couple more parts. 
thanks beekiller    yesss i need the ecm for a 16v how much shipped to 28630
Sent you a PM
Got any samurai tag light fixtures?
Don't think I do. Iv had an led trailer light there so long I don't even remember what they look like.  
For Sale / Cleaning out the shed. Samurai and tracker parts
Have been working on organizing my parts collection and need to clear out some spares.

All prices OBO

Located in Ontario Canada but can ship.

Combination switch Fits airbag equipped trucks not sure what it came out of $50

Samurai turning indicators housings $15 for the pair

Samurai indicator lenses $5 each

Samurai fender markers $5 each

1.6 8 valve ecu $50

1.6 16valve ecu $50

Sidekick soft top third brake light $10

Two sidekick TBs, Samurai carb, Unknow holly carb. All best used for parts $20 each

Sidekick intake manifolds $10 each

Sidekick combo switches $30 each

Valve covers $15 each

LWB samurai bumper caps $40

Samurai steering wheel $40

Samurai airbox assembly $20

Complete photobucket album contains additional pics of some parts

Also have lots of GEO metro and Suzuki swift parts.
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
My motivation is simple. I love my Samurai. Out of all the cars I've owned, it's the most entertaining to drive. I don't know how to explain it other than it feels like a real old school machine. There is no numbness like more modern cars have. You can feel everything it is doing while in operation. The steering, the clutch, the tires, the wind, the vroom vroom of the engine and with my old GTi engine, the intake noise was awesome. I've owned it for almost 11 years, 9 of those with the GTi and this is the longest it has ever been inoperable. Every time I get in my car to drive to work, I look at it sitting in the garage next to my car looking all dusty and incomplete. It makes me sad.
I know the feeling Iv had my samurai for almost as long and could never get rid of it but now its has been sitting for nearly 5years while getting extensive body work and a new motor.
Where im stuck with the j20 swap is I want to run the tracker rad it fits between the frame rails but only if the steering box is out of the way. I picked up a toyota box that mounts to the outside of the frame but havent found what it is going to take to get that going.
What are you planning for a radiator? 
Samurai Tech / Re: Installing gauges in vent holes

Used some 2inch gauges, just popped the vanes out of the vents and filed the pivot pins down until the gauge fit snug. 
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
I swapped a 2.3L into my Samurai.  only needed to modify the PCV metal tube and the accelerator cable mount.  my hood closes now with no problems...using the 2.3 intake.
What mounts are you using? 
Im am planning to swap a J18 into my samurai and am looking for mounts that wont require a body lift to get the hood to close 
Pix and Vids / Re: Its off road, or off "the" road :(
heres hoping its just the T case 
Samurai Tech / Re: Anybody using these headlights?
I would rather pay extra money for the complete led housing retrofit to have the piece of mind that there are street legal and wont be blinding everyone else on the road. 
Those h4 conversions dont emit light the same way as a halogen h4 bulb which is why in the first link if you look at the picture against the wall the halogen has a nice sharp cutoff and the led is throwing light up past that area same with the picture on life time led website the led light just looks like an big blob of light. 
If you run your Zuk on the roads keep the stock headlights or get a good DOT legal led or hid setup. If you just run it on trails anything goes.
Samurai Tech / Re: My new center console

If you don't mind opening up the hood occasionally then a lock box just under the hood just in front of the firewall on the drivers side would be a pretty secure spot.

I had one there, it was great for keeping small spare parts in and some tools. But now its going to become the air box for my snorkel.

Iv been wondering if one of those boxes would fit. would be nice having some sort of arm rest.
Samurai Tech / Re: GEO motor Swap
that doesn't look like a suzuki motor to me.
starting to think it may be a vacuum leak some where. I picked up an injector test light and plugged it in. when i fired up the truck and ran it on starter fluid the injector continued to fire even after i stopped cranking over the motor.  
That black and yellow wire is connected, it runs from the starter switch then splits to the ecu and starter solenoid. The wiring diagram I'm using is found on acks faq for the 91-95 tbi system, ill post a link when I get home it won't load on my phone.
this one-
the tach signal(brown wire) is hooked up to the brown/white wire from the ignitor.cheaked the continuity between both ends of the wire and that it was going to the correct pin on the ecu.   
Samurai Tech / Re: What year is this manifold?
yep the one on the right is from a 91 to 94 1.6 8 valve. i believe number 3 goes to the map sensor not sure about 4.
thanks both of you, saved that write up for the future if i ever decide to go with a 16V looks like its pretty detailed just skimmed through it quickly.

ill have to take another look at that tach wire. i thought that might be it but as far as i can tell its hooked up correct.
Forgot to mention that its a 8v motor. I have O2 just ned to find out the wiring for that. The O2 isent used for idle so I dont think it should affect anything