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Y no finish?   :\\\'(
General Chit Chat / Re: Bama Zuk at the Event?
Can't wait!  Look us up when ya get there.  Arrowhead 36.
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
 In fact, there are no leaks on the engine anywhere of any kind, which is a first with a Suzuki engine for me.

Something is wrong.  Very, very wrong.  Does it have oil in it?   [lol]  
Sorry beekiller.  Fully intended to include that and forgot. 
I've always bought it in the roofing section of Home Depot.
No worries!  Good info.  Thanks for sharing that.  I'll be on the lookout soon.   ;D
General Chit Chat / Re: 'runk posting
Do yu ever work? [worried]
Yeah but I have to pee  a lot.   ;D
Little pro tip.  If you want to save a fortune on sound deadener for a rig that is not a high end show car then use this stuff. 

I first learned about this stuff about 15 years ago and using it as sound deadener.    It's cheap and works fantastic.  15 bucks a roll. 
Tar based, aluminum backed, about an 1/8" thick.  No smells, doesn't move or slide around.  Doesn't break down, or do weird stuff in extreme heat.
Where can this be found?
Samurai Tech / Re: Dreaded steering shaft play
@beekiller‍ Thank you for chiming in and correcting me. [thumbsup]  I did indeed get them mixed up, no disrespect to either gentleman.
In my defense, I am over 65 and sometimes get confused! ;)
Can't think anyone would take it as disrespect.  Confused?  Then you got right in here!  haha.  
BBS Help and Site Suggestions / Re: Picture viewing


I'm kinda with ya Brandon.  The good news is....this isn't over entirely.  Give it time, the devs may work this up to the newer code.   ;)
Samurai Tech / Re: Dreaded steering shaft play
Sorry to say that Surly has past. :(  I believe in Afghanistan in the service of our country. RIP!
Not for the sake of correction, but rather to clarify any possible confusion.... ;)

Surly, aka Ken, had a series of health issues after a botched surgery.  He was wonderful with tech.  He always had a smile on his face too.  Great guy. 

NC Zuk was a Green Beret who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan.  He was always the voice of reason.  He too was a great guy.  These were the kind of people we all aspire to be. 

Anyway, I think perhaps it's easy to mentally melt them together for folks who didn't know them directly.  This is a good opportunity to honor both guys.  Incidentally, yesterday would have been Art's (NC Zuk) 45th birthday.   :\\\'(
BBS Help and Site Suggestions / Re: Picture viewing
We gave the light box thing a try.  It does not play well with this software version apparently.   Away it goes!
That's it!!   [thumbsup]
Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
Sky wards.  ;D
Ya know ya want a tractor flap on it.  Ya know ya do.   ;D
Samurai Tech / Re: Rust and Bushwhacker Flares installation
Hope nothing is torn up in your knee man!  Also want to know more about this "Man Cave"  maybe it will make me jealous and I'll build one of my own on my back lot! ;D ;D

Yes, we must know moar about the man cave.   [thumbsup]
Samurai Tech / Re: Rust and Bushwhacker Flares installation
Get well soon!  Hope it isn't torn.  No fun!   :-\\\\
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Official 2017 Zuwharrie weather girl
Her jeans are pulled all the way up.  Apparently that's discouraged these days as well.   [lol]
Howdy Robert!   We will do the group photo at 5:30, probably wanna get there early so you can get in the lineup.  5:45 the raffle, and dinner at 6:00.

Check here:
Zuwharrie Info / Official 2017 Zuwharrie weather girl
Ah!  The all important element while we're out wheeling...the weather!  We all plan for the worst and hope for the best.  Hey, we'll have fun anyway.  Maybe even with the forecast.   ;D  Still, we'd like to know what to plan for regarding weather.  So here we are!  We have our very own weather forecast, right here on the Zu. 

Now, it's tradition we have the annual weather girl.  Let's just say some are uh..."hotter" than others, just like the weather!!  So will it be hot this year?  Could be....

...let's find out.....

Wed Apr 26    Sunny, 79/52

Thur Apr 27   Sunny, 78/55

Fri Apr 28  Partly Cloudy, 81/59

Sat Apr 29  Partly Cloudy,  81/61

Sun Apr 30  Showers  82/58 enough for you?

.....was anyone actually looking at the weather?   ;D
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Spring 17 Official Zu announcement
So,, Jello shooters will be Jello? ;D

What is the rules on weapon types at the shooting range?
Anyone familiar?
Maybe I should research a little,,, Huh? ::)
Yeah.  Apparently the Land Rover guys got hit pretty hard.  Word has it they like to drink.  I think that's the group who's leader was drunk when his rig caught fire on Dickey Bell?  Not the best example to set.  
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Spring 17 Official Zu announcement
That's a pretty blue!   8)
General Chit Chat / Re: Last one to post wins
That plain sux.