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General Chit Chat / Memorial Day
Here we are again!  Time to kick off the summer season again.  What are you doing for the holiday weekend?

We just came home from a cookout with friends. Great people and great times.  Killer food too.  See pix.   ;D

While we celebrate let's remember the reason for this holiday.  Enjoying our freedoms to have fun is great.  Let's not forget those who gave everything they could to pave the way for it.   [thumbsup]
Pix and Vids / Re: THE SHOWROOM!
Looks great!  Experience suggests a winch is a wonderful tool used mainly by your friends.   ;D
Samurai Tech / Re: Head gasket how to
Not a how to but a few pointers.  Most important thing one could is possible to flip the headgasket yet it looks correct.  Be absolutely certain the oil galley hole is postioned correctly.  If the gasket is flipped, the gasket will block off the oil flow resulting in epic disaster to the head, volcanoes, death to kittens, and misuse of apostrophes.  

Never tried leaving the intake intact.  It would probably be more trouble than it would save to be honest.  Just a few nuts my friend.  Just a few nuts.  
Good work!  How thick is the tube?
General Chit Chat / Re: Last one to post wins
That was a killer flick!   8)
For Sale / Re: Where is my sorings for sale add ?
When did you post it?
Samurai Tech / Re: 1.6 8V Swap / Fuel Return Line
I've used the vapor line as a return before without issue. Ive also used the regular return without issue. On the last 1.6 8v I did, i fished some weedwhacker string down the return line to break any crud loose and sprayed carb cleaner in it until it came out clear. It took a while to get it completely clean.
Good info.  It validates suspicions I had on mine concerning fuel gumming up in there. Could be more common than it would seem.
Samurai Tech / Re: 1.6 8V Swap / Fuel Return Line
The vapor tank thingy exited my zuk long ago, suspect for the same reasons.  If memory serves, and usually not too well, the switch you suggest was also part of said mod. 

I had a heckuva time tuning the MySide back in the day.  Symptoms were much as you describe.  U reasonably rich without an apparent reason.  Come to find out, the return line was choked off.  A round a carb cleaner and some air pressure motivated it's clearance.  Just a thought.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Dang dude!  Get well soon.  What brought that on?
General Chit Chat / Re: Last one to post wins
I see your Large Breasted Robin and raise you a pair of Great Tits.

General Chit Chat / Re: Last one to post wins
Compost. ;D
Sounds like that could be a load of crap.   ;D
General Chit Chat / Re: Smbrn3
Happy birthday!
General Chit Chat / Re: Last one to post wins
Strange looking post!   [smiley=headscratch.gif] ;D
Samurai Tech / Re: A cheap sammi head upgrade..
I guess the last 50 years of bigger valves and ported heads was something you missed....
Sorry, I didn't get what you were saying either.   ???  If a valve upgrade is what you seek, a 1.6 8v head swap achieves the same.
General Chit Chat / Re: Long forgotten
Hey Dusty!  Hope you're well!  Good to see you around.   8)

As for the Jeep, we have a sister site,  You're welcome to list it here of course.  Just handing out more options.   ;)
Pix and Vids / Re: Wheeling spot. In Jersey?!?!

Don't let that clucker be so modest.  His backyard goes into New Hampshire.  Have you wheeled his backyard?
Pix and Vids / Re: Wheeling spot. In Jersey?!?!
First things first. Glad grandma is ok. The crashing thing sux.   [thumbsup]  

On the plus roadtrips rock! Ecoast owns all the Jersey wheeling methinks.  ;D
General Chit Chat / Re: SURVEY
It was on the laptop.

 [whitesamside]  [whitesamside]
Yep.  Run the antivirus.   [thumbsup]
General Chit Chat / Re: SURVEY
Uh, no!  On your phone or PC?  Ya may have a virus!