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Samurai Tech / Re: Head gasket how to
Another pointer I would stress is make sure the distributor is back in the same position when you stab it back in...

Maybe snap a few pics for peace of mind.

Maybe rotate the engine when the head is off to check out the block...

Pull the radiator also, it will give you much more room to play around.  [thumbsup]
For Sale / Re: Where is my sorings for sale add ?
Hi jamie,

After a while (some set amount of days) your ad will be removed to keep the FS section clean.

Just think if all posts ever made in the FS section still existed?!

MAN! That would be kinda cool, drooling over old ads you WISH you could find those hard to find parts!

Samurai Tech / Re: California emissions or not?
I think the Nazi's are trying their hardest to get our type vehicles off the road...

What I dont understand is < 75 (i think that is the year) don't need a smog at all...

I bet there are some nasty ol' trucks running around waaay dirtier than my zuk ever could be!


Hmm, I'm not too sure about VIN number stuff as I have never been in that situation.

I thought about doing a frame off swap one of these days, hope I don't hit THAT snag at the nazi station.  [lol]

Keep us updated mbtech!  [black_s]
Samurai Tech / Re: California emissions or not?
How do you tell?

If there is a mess of lines and hoses all over your carb!

The main "tell" would be the MCSV in the air horn...

Are you trying to see if it came with emissions from factory?

I thought we hashed out your issues via PMs?

What's going on now??
For Sale / Re: Suzuki samurai Tie rod and drag link ( New)
Cool!  [thumbsup]

Rides and Events / Re: West Coast?

Let me know if you ever head that way  [thumbsup] [red_s] [black_s]
General Chit Chat / Re: Last one to post wins
Samurai Tech / Re: Third New Radiator leaking at cells !!!
I like those mounts... [thumbsup]

Did someone make those for the 1.3?

This is awesome....

I love the no fender/bumper trim they incorporated over there, clean...

Decent price!

Hmmm, now where did I leave that jar-o-cash  [worried]
Samurai Tech / Re: Third New Radiator leaking at cells !!!
FWIW, I ran the cheapie ebay aluminum radiator, although I believe there is 2 iterations of it...

Single row or double row iirc... [smiley=headscratch.gif]

I can't remember now, but I believe I went with the single row and it seemed to cool "OK"..

Long story short, I had the fan clutch eliminator installed along with the aluminum radiator and I hit a HUGE pothole on the freeway, blowing out a motor mount (318) and in-turn allowing the engine/static fan to come in contact with the radiator and essentially chopping it in half...

Not a fun day...

I eventually went back "stock" since I could find them locally on CL and have yet to return to aluminum...

Not sure if this helps, just thought I would share my exp with those rads.  [thumbsup] [lol] :welder:
General Chit Chat / Re: Someone need a new tracker???
General Chit Chat / Re: Cargo mat
I used a piece of rubber liner and cut it to fit

It extends past the rear seat legs and fits fine...

I can snap some pics, but my rear door handle broke again so it is difficult to snap shots from the rear right now

>:( :welder:
Wanted / Re: WTB: Back seat cover
It may be more pricey than you would expect!

It also appears you need to replace the foam (on the exposed areas) this adds cost...

It also depends on fabric you would want (vinyl is cheapest at approx $5-20 a yard)

I would guess around $100 would be a starting point?

I would have to actually crunch some numbers if you are really interested  [thumbsup]
Wanted / Re: WTB: Back seat cover
I want to say I have a template pattern of one of these and would be an "oem fit" if I were to re-upholster yours.

Would this be something you are interested in?

Fabric costs + labor to make it would be how I would charge!  [thumbsup]
Pix and Vids / Re: 2017 Zuwharrie official pix thread

Cool pics
Samurai Tech / Re: Samurai AC Thermal Expansion Valve
iirc -- there was a mod to "snip out" some of the evap box "grate" to make the removal and install easier...

Maybe it was in the AC FSM?

Can't remember now!  [lol]
Pix and Vids / Re: 2017 Zuwharrie official pix thread
Soft top samis are cool  [thumbsup] [thirsty]

Looks nice  [black_s]


$150k shop!?

Can I come work on my zuk there??  [thumbsup] [red_s] :welder: