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Pix and Vids / Re: L67 Swap Progress
Low mileage L67 is hard to find these days!

Also, with the horror stories about people rebuilding the lower end, a JY swap is usually the safest bet...

Also, many people do a "top swap" to their L36 (higher compression)

Why not use the L32 in something like this application?
('04 up)

It has the GenV blower also...

Just curious  [red_s]
Pix and Vids / Re: L67 Swap Progress
Hay, I have one of my Grand Prix!! ha!

Nice! [black_s]
BBS Help and Site Suggestions / Re: Picture viewing


Samurai Tech / Re: Dreaded steering shaft play
Can you link the forum post about the shaft rebuild?

I didn't know there was a bushing there, I always thought the rag joint was the thing everyone spoke about...

RIP Surly, wish you were around to pick your brain about carb q's

General Chit Chat / Re: Last one to post wins
No repair, the cast housing is shot and would be very difficult the recreate that seal area (pan lip)

New/used housing is $300...

Argh, we found a local brand new from factory from a mopar head for $1000

Since he save a bajillion on the score, he had a shop install it for $600...

I think he got off cheap for an SRT8 tranny replacement.  [thumbsup] [thumbsup] [thumbsup]
Samurai Tech / Re: Rust and Bushwhacker Flares installation
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
What is the approx. cost for just the building itself? (footing and all)
8) ;D
Samurai Tech / Re: Last minute beater build.
You've done more to your beater build than I have to mine in months!

General Chit Chat / Re: Last one to post wins
My buddies SRT8 tranny  :o (NAG1)

I think a piece of all thread jumped up off the freeway and boom!!

Definitely from the outside in!

General Chit Chat / Re: 'runk posting
Cheers  [thirsty] [thirsty] [thirsty] [thirsty]
For Sale / Re: 92 Samurai 2WD, EFI model for sale in CA
I saw it on CL, nice sell

Glad you got more than you asked for it

General Chit Chat / Re: 87rhino
Happy bday!  ;D
General Chit Chat / Re: 1972 Suzuki Samurai LJ20V For Sale
I...must...have.... [red_s]
General Chit Chat / Re: Severe Weather
Keep safe pops! (Mobile, AL)
Yes, just for fun... 8)

I plan on keeping the hitachi on there for the most part, maybe just a few trial runs with the non-feedback and weber  8)

I have had my zuk nearly 10 years now, time to have a little fun  [thumbsup]
:o :o :o :o

I have 7 hitachis (including the one in the car!)

3-4 of them are total scrap carbs that I may "send out to the pasture" fairly soon... [lol]

It has been fun selling a few nick nack items back to a few members here, but in all reality, I have 2 really nice rebuilds (one in the car and one on the bench) and it has TAKEN 3-4  to make 2 really good ones!

Keeping one as a spare.

This carb (the non feedback) I want to toy with and see how it actually runs in the car, but this will require time and research, but I feel confident I can get 'er going!

Also, I just picked up a 32x36 Weber from a forum member here and I am very excited to tear it down! (thanks again @Mr. Black‍ )

Oh, I also have a Sprint carb in the pack that is in great condition and I am just hanging on to it for God knows why!

I have a search setup at Pick-N-Pull for sprints (has the 1.0L in them with a feedback Hitachi) so I can go scavenge MCSVs and try to hawk them on ebay

eBay is a rough deal these days, I usually try to avoid selling there due to the overhead associated with selling on the site...

I really don't know what I have planned for 'em, I just know ONE day I will need one!
Thanks for the carby!

Another one for the stash!  8)
Your input shaft pic is kinda fuzzy, but mine was a little uneven, so I opted for the wider bearing and it seems fine   [thumbsup]
Samurai Tech / Re: Spitting Coolant Up
Did you find this out by popping the head off or using the "head testing tool" that uses the gas/coolant sniffer thingy with fluid???

Pix and Vids / Re: Blacks 1979 Trans Am
Here is a few pics from my buddy --

And a quick note about it --

Quote from: wayne
So tight you can't see much. The A/C and P/S pump/reservoir use the same mounting bracket.  The Toy (Celica) P/S & A/C installed in my Zuki were installed by the previous owner, years ago. The A/C is Samurai. The steering assembly was installed using all stock Celica 1978/1981 (May-1981) parts. Some were modified, but no kit was used. It is my understanding, Celica, Corona, Cressida boxes work all from 1978/1981, but I do not know for sure.

Note -- His is a 1.3L

A link to his original thread -- (he says sorry the pics are now gone)