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General Tech / 220 volt fan wiring
 I have two, 220v fans I need to wire up. They came from a large reefer cooler unit. Each fan has only 2 blue wires coming from it. If I stick each wire from one fan into a 110v receptacle, [ positive and neutral ]  the fan works but at only at 1/2 speed. 
 How do I wire them to run at full speed on 220 volts? 

 Making an air cooler / dryer for painting the zuk. 

General Tech / Re: Lockers how and where?
I have an arb in the rear, lockrite in the front. Why?

I can have an open rear for DD use. With a locker in the front diff and your hubs not locked, it's like an open front......  Lock your hubs and you're good to wheel. Wanna keep easy steering or drive an off camber trail? Just lock one front hub.

Now, for the BEST combo, go with Twin Sticks, arb in the rear, and a lunch box up front. 
Samurai Tech / Re: Painting yer zuk techniques
Thanks for the tips and suggestions guys. They have inspired me to do the same..... strip'em down. 
 Never thot of using sound deadening material inside the doors before, I'll see what there is around my parts. 

I had some moisture in the air lines after having the compressor run for an hour straight, while spraying paint last fall.
 Now I'm making a compressor aftercooler from a walk-in cooler compressor rad, twin 220v fans to cool it, a Franzinator, and will be using a PA dessicant air dryer and finally Motor Guard air filter. Pressure drop should be interesting.........
Samurai Tech / Painting yer zuk techniques
  Guys, I'll be painting the doors [ inside and out ] on my TT zuk this summer, along with the exterior body and exterior hood. Ran outta good painting weather last sept........

 About prep for painting the it a PITA to strip the door glass, guides, crank mechanism and all of the rubber trim......and more importantly, easy to install all of this again once painted? Hoping to avoid breaking 30 y/o plastic parts. Hummmm. Stripping vs taping.........

  I'll be laying the doors down flat for painting as my painting skills are.........well, .....I have none,  [lol]

 I'll leave the glass intact on the TT rear door for sure, and just tape around the seal. re and re of that rear glass would be a pain. 

  Thanks for your thoughts. 
Suzuki Diesel / Re: 2000 1.9 adg NA M-pump questions
Thanks again newfi and this next sammy project will a all aluminum lwb on 35s. Its going to be my backroads cruiser explorer. I want it to haul A S S and roal coal.

Its going to be my mid life crisis corvette
Is this build set in motion or a wanna do / dream build? 
 If the former, it will be a great build to follow  [thumbsup]

Ok. I thot we were talkin 15's. 
Narrow 31's or 32's would be nice. I know of no manufactures that make them tho.........lemme know if you know of a brand / make.
 Interco makes 34's in 9" width, but the tread pattern is for crawling. 
Suzuki Diesel / Re: Ack's Diesel Build...
I went with Acme clutch for the samurai trans. Be driving it much the same way as you intend.......nothing too radical. No kms on it yet, so can't comment on likes / dislikes. I haven't read of any neg feedback with it to date........
Suzuki Diesel / Re: Where is Newfie-Zuk???
I've been wondering the same thing.........
Suzuki Diesel / Re: 2000 1.9 adg NA M-pump questions
I'd weld it. Good excuse to go buy a TIG.  [lol]
Suzuki Diesel / Re: 2000 1.9 adg NA M-pump questions
helicoil or threadsert repair?
Suzuki Diesel / Re: Air Filter Options
I had read that the aem was pretty good quality. Didn't realize that the oem samurai was so poor..............

Yes, space, space, or more like it lack of it......makes it a challenge for sure.  I'll wander the wreckers to see what I can see.
Suzuki Diesel / Air Filter Options
What you all using for air filters / boxes on your diesel conversions? 
 I was planning on using a K&N cone filter, but the more I read into them as being a sub-standard, engine-sanding air filter, I've changed my mind. Now I need to come up with another option.

Yes, there is the oem samurai filter box, it will work, but it does take up alotta room on the I was hoping to use for a water / meth injection bottle. 

 Anyone found a small, well fitting air filter box from a donor vehicle that you like? 
Suzuki Diesel / Re: Air to water intercoolers?
Guys running K03's don't have those concerns...... [lol]

 Do you have plans to upgrade your clutch and trans too? 

 There will always be the "next weakest link" with our zuk builds. The trick is to to know when to jump off the ?up-grade train. 
Suzuki Diesel / Re: Aardvark build!
Nice work!
 Looks like a fine rust-free zuk.  :)
    Take it apart and clean it / re and re seals that way. If you mess up, you haven't lost much.........another good used pump would have been in order anyway. 
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
With Yj's and 33" tires, I just about need a step stool to climb up. My wife will for sure  [lol].  My front Yj's are a 2" lift spring too. 
ML's do not add ride height, only allow axle to droop lower than non-ML shackles when they drop open. 
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Technique is everything when making flares, as is using a good quality flaring tool. They can be tricky to make. 

  Powerfist tools are for the most part single use / junk tools that best elevate one's blood pressure and frustration levels. 
 The Princess Auto Pro Point tools are a little better, but not always.  

  With quality tools, you pay once / cry once. However, when you can't find a quality tool when you need shore junk can sometimes come through, like the 12 point 19mm socket I needed to torque a TD crank bolt actually held up to the torque, kinda surprised me. 

Suzuki Diesel / Re: Pinning the aaz crank questions
Westcoast, thanks for jogging my memory........I do recall a thread about putting a D shaped sprocket on the crank in any orientation. Duh.  ::)

  Well, it runs well now, in the driveway anyway. That alt clutch pulley sure does the trick! Not even a hint of movement with the serp belt tensioner pulley.........unlike the way it jumped around with the regular alt pulley.

   Spent the day taking the interior apart and removing stinky mouse nests. Even had nests up under the dash, what a stink. 
 More of the same tomorrow.....
Suzuki Diesel / Re: tranny question
That is some serious clutch carnage. Haven't seen a zuk post like this before.

 Did your old trans [ mated to your Acme vw diesel ] do this too? If not, I would be looking closely at your " used Trans" as suspect....something isn't right with it...... have been buying the wrong clutches? have the wrong flywheel?
  The wrong throwout bearing?
   Can a miss-adjusted clutch do this?