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When the clutch pedal is all the way in, you are feeling the force of 4 different springs wanting to return to rest. The pressure plate, the one inside the trans connected to the arm, the spring that is at the end of the cable, and the spring in the pedal assembly. As you release the pedal, one by one, each spring goes back into its resting mode and you don't feel it anymore, The first being the pressure plate (highest tension) and the last one being the one in the pedal. In reverse, that's why it feels more and more difficult to press in as well. Totally normal on a vehicle with a clutch cable and not a hydraulic system.

That being said, the cables and pressure plates do go bad causing difficulty. My guess is your parts are fine. If this is a new vehicle to you, you probably are used to more modern hydraulic clutches, which feel totally different.  
Samurai Tech / Re: Engine Lean
All of my engines have leaned even with new mounts. The J20 appears to lean the worst...
The stock 1.3, the G13B, the J20.

General Chit Chat / Re: Home improvement projects
Replaced all the windows in my house on Saturday with new Low -e and all that windows. The new siding is going on this week to replace all the old rotten wood stuff. Pulling the wood off, replacing with osb, then wrap, then siding. Took all day yesterday to do 60% of one wall. 3.4 walls to go. Took 10 years to save for this project because I'm paying a contractor to do it. lol

Replaced the  subflooring, flooring, toilet and counter top in one of my ex's bathrooms two weekends ago. DIY

Going to put porcelain tile in my master bath in a few months which will replace the cheap vinyl sticky tiles I put down two years ago to get my by until I could afford real tile. DIY

Then starting to plan for a small pool which will go in 6 or 7 years from now... not DIY It never ends.  
Samurai Tech / Re: Tach wiring for 2.0
Hey Bud.  No idea if it makes any difference or not, but my resistor is a 5% 1/4w 24k. I see you said yours is 2%.
Samurai Tech / Re: 1.6 8V Swap / Fuel Return Line
Since it's EFI:

Is your TPS adjusted correctly and a known good one? 
Is your distributor advancing correctly?
Timing set correctly?
ECU working like it should?
MAP sensor hooked up right?
I know that's all he asked for. I'm not sure if he had to change anything else.
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Developed an exhaust leak during a hard acceleration on Saturday. Haven't had a chance to see where from yet but I think it's under the hood somewhere. Still running great though.

The clicky starter issue has returned, so my hopes for the relay in the harness fixing that are dashed. I am pulling my column out soon to do the bearing replacement to take the play out, and I will do the ignition switch fix at the same time to hopefully correct the issue. I haven't had to deal with that annoyance in so long....
Samurai Tech / Re: Tach wiring for 2.0

I think I am going to give up on the resistor thing. Just replaced the current one with a new resistor to see if it was the resistor...... no dice.

I am not sure if the wiring on the back of the Tach is not jiving with the 2.0 or what. The current wiring on the back of the Tach worked with the 8-valve. I might have damaged the logic board.................

I am now praying that the MSD Tach thing will work with the new resistor.
Not sure how much of a hurry you are in, but I'd be glad to plug your cluster into my Samurai to check it for you.
Samurai Tech / Re: Tach wiring for 2.0

Is this to correct resistor?
Should be. Mine was 1/4 watt I think.
I pulled a gear for a guy on this board once. It was pretty easy to pull it off, and the guy said he changed it out with his, no problem. I wish I could remember who it was....
How-To / Re: Swift 1.3 DOHC into a Samurai
He's going to run COP ignition with a Haltec or similar stand alone. I think he told me it was a Mitsubishi CAS and a Honda fuel rail and intake manifold.
Samurai Tech / Re: Head gasket how to
Dont just replace the gasket. Have the head checked for warpage and get the surface machined. Check the block for warpage also and machine as necessary. Crud on the mating surface is your enemy. You want them as clean and smooth as possible. Clean the thread holes for the head bolts too. You want to bolt to turn as smoothly as possible. Any creaking or cracking while you are tightening them down is a bad sign.

Dont rush the job. Take the time to do everything right.
Samurai Tech / Re: Tach wiring for 2.0
Are resistors directional like diodes? I was thinking it could be in backwards. If I get a chance this weekend, I'll take mine out and look at the wires.
Samurai Tech / Re: 2.0 Liter Sleeper Samurai
Thanks. I got it worked out. Had lots of air in my system. Running a 160 Tstat which I think is too low. I'll be switching it back to a 180 soon.
Samurai Tech / Re: Bumper end caps
Not those exact ones, but Home Depot or Lowes sells a few different types, one of which may work. I got some removable ones from there for my ABS door panel set to replace the crappy cheap push in rivets the set came with. They hold the panels in tighter and you can remove them without destroying them if need be. :) 
Samurai Tech / Re: Bumper end caps
Wayyyyyyy back in the day, when I had a stock bumper, I seem to recall that it had a few christmas tree rivets on the outside and screws inside the wheel arch. 
Samurai Tech / Re: Dr. Z diy front bumper

Looks a lot like my ZOR bumper which came fully welded for $40 more.

Samurai Tech / Re: 1.6 8V Swap / Fuel Return Line
I've used the vapor line as a return before without issue. Ive also used the regular return without issue. On the last 1.6 8v I did, i fished some weedwhacker string down the return line to break any crud loose and sprayed carb cleaner in it until it came out clear. It took a while to get it completely clean.
Samurai Tech / Re: Brakes
Sometimes it's difficult to get all the air out. Don't forget to bleed the MC too! 

Got myself one of these last year. One of the best tool purchases I've made in a while. Soooooo easy.
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Had a chance to drive it some more today and its still doing great. I'm going to have to change the thermostat back out for a 180 degree for winter. Since I think my problem all along was air in the system anyway, it should be ok.

Its running strong. The power is very nice. A little more driving to break the clutch in and I'll post up a driving video.