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Samurai Tech / Re: 1.6 8V Swap / Fuel Return Line
Just wanted to add that I get the exact same symptoms as you but mine are due to the fact that the splash can in my gas tank is rusted out so if I'm driving with less than 3/4 tank and hit a corner the fuel pump sucks air, which screws with the fuel pressure and makes it drive very poorly until I stop the car. 
Samurai Tech / Re: 1.6 8V Swap / Fuel Return Line
Hey I'm new on this site but, I just did this same swap and installed a fresh rebuilt 1.6 8v. I had a similar problem and the issue was dizzy was 180 degrees backwards as per Haynes manual. It ran and would drive - somehow.  Used     timing procedure and it fired right up. This is what  solved my problem no more bog or fuel smell.
Honestly hope this is the case. Good idea. 
Samurai Tech / Re: 1.6 8V Swap / Fuel Return Line
Is timing advancing correctly? If I recall it should be like 20 to 25 degrees around 4000 rpm. 

Bad injector possibly? 
Samurai Tech / Re: 1.6 8V Swap / Fuel Return Line
What year motor? Also any idea if the fuel pump is actually making sufficient pressure at high demand? What pump?
Links and Deals / Re: Craigs
I've been thinking about that one in Murphys. I don't think it would need to be scrapped. Wish I had the money I'd save it from its inevitable death 
Samurai Tech / Re: 1.6 8V Swap / Fuel Return Line
It must be either TPS or unmetered air. 
Samurai Tech / Re: 1.6 8V Swap / Fuel Return Line
I will be giving this some thought at work tomorrow and will report back if I can figure it out. 
Samurai Tech / Re: 1.6 8V Swap / Fuel Return Line
It's FI, a 1.6 8V. All of the vac lines look like they are connected, but I will double-check to make sure. The only thing I remember seeing specifically when I was going over everything today was the rubber accordion-style boot on the throttle opener looks torn/ripped.
Wait if I'm understanding this correctly it does indeed matter. 
What I'm picturing is the soft plastic air intake boot. Is that correct? 
If so then unmetered air is entering the motor and the ecu is freaking out. All incoming air must pass the maf otherwise the engine freaks out and gives you symptoms described 
Wanted / Re: WTB Air Conditioning
Aye matey,

Samurai Tech / Re: California emissions or not?
Another thought, maybe check if the cat has a CARB approval. 

Samurai Tech / Re: California emissions or not?
Is there a way to tell if my stock '89 Samurai (carbed) has California emissions or not? The underhood label is long gone.
I'm not sure on the specific differences but you can tell by a VIN lookup to see where the truck was from. 
Someone will probably know the differences though. 
Samurai Tech / Re: Fuel Pump sucking air
Sorry for all the questions, but can someone describe to me what the fuel pick up looks like inside the tank? Is it a metal tube that goes to the bottom? Or rubber? I'm guessing it's a metal nipple that turns to a  rubber fuel line and runs to the bottom. I wonder if mine just came off? 
Samurai Tech / Re: Fuel Pump sucking air
Does the pickup go through the same plate as the sender? 
Samurai Tech / Re: Fuel Pump sucking air
Here's where I got mine:
Hope it helps,  [thumbsup]
Does this include the fuel pick up? I'm really not familiar with fuel tanks. 
Samurai Tech / Re: Fuel Pump sucking air

I've been reading fixkick page about custom fuel pumps, and he's never steered my wrong in the past, so I feel I should trust him.

It looks like height may be playing a factor in why it can't clear air bubbles?

I have it mounted ABOVE the inlet and outlet lines... I wonder if that could be the problem?

I can see air getting stuck in the pump and not having an easy gravity feed way out to clear itself.... maybe.
Samurai Tech / Re: Fuel Pump sucking air
Drop the tank and replace the pick up assembly in the tank. While you are there you might as well replace the sending unit for the fuel gauge also. If it's an original sending unit it's only a matter of time before it dies! :o
I can't seem to find a pickup or sending unit online.....any idea where to look?
I'm dying to get this fixed, I have to keep it above 2/3 full to avoid the issue grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Samurai Tech / Re: Fuel Pump sucking air
If all the lines are good could be the pickup in the tank, also could be the nipple at the top, those things feel really fragile but you would probably smell gas if that was perforated.
Is the pickup in the tank metal? I'm suspecting this is the issue. 
What do I need to do to replace it? 
Samurai Tech / Re: Fuel Pump sucking air
Just a thought but I have been using the stock Samurai filter as a screen for the efi pump and it sort of acts as a small reserve for the pump in the event that there is a momentary lack of fuel from the tank for whatever reason. It's loud enough to hear either way, but I've been using the same pump since 2007 and it's still kicking.
I've tried that as well, but it still ends up airiating in the pump.
Today I tried both putting a filter before the pump as well as tried putting a filter after the pump, both with the same result.
It's making me lose my mind....what can I do?
It has to be something in the fuel tank or maybe the pump is bad?
So frustrated.
Wanted / WTB Small Parts
I'm in search of the front grill SUZUKI logo, the rear wheel hub covers, and 2 OEM dome lights for the Sammy...I have some neat ideas for a dome light for the rear door on my TT.

I know these parts are available new but they cost an arm and a leg.

Samurai Tech / Fuel Pump sucking air
Hey yall,

16v with e2000 fuel pump near the tank.

I've got double hose clamps on all lines, have replaced most of the lines just to be certain of no leaks, but I'm still getting air in the fuel pump. It seems to happen mostly when the tank is below half full or if I'm driving around twisty mountain roads.

I can tell the difference in sound between solid gas in the fuel pump and some air bubbles. It certainly runs and runs fine even with a little air in the pump but it's both unhealthy and not ideal for fuel pressure.

It will continue to have air in it until I shut the Sammy down for about 2 minutes, then start it up again.

Where is this air coming from and why is the fuel pump unable to clear it?