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Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
I'm an idiot!!! This whole time I completely forgot about the driveshaft spacers and have been trying to track down those stupid special nuts! It just came to me to try and fit the spacers to the flanges and they fit fine with the larger diameter nuts! I guess the ridge that sits inside the flange is a bit thinner then it is on the shaft. Cant believe I've been slacking on finishing it because of this! ::) going to mount the t case/drive shafts and fill the tranny and tcase after work tomorrow. Ill get the wiring done by the weekend and if all goes well fire it up and test drive! Really wish I had of clued into this sooner and been able to go camping with it this weekend.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: 2000 1.9 adg NA M-pump questions
I wouldnt worry about Mercedes injectors. Power gains will be made from the pump and turbo. If you are going for massive power you would need to invest a lot of money in building the engine strong enough (forged rods, block girdle, etc) before you would ever get to the point of needing larger injectors. Stock injectors flow enough fuel for 95% of the builds out there. Mercedes injectors work and they do smoke more but they also lead to increased fuel consumption and I dont think its ever been proven they actually increase power. Id imagine at higher rpms they may perform better but at the expense of over fueling for most of the power band its probably not worth it. That's what I've read anyways. Newfie has way more experience with these engines then I ever will and he is a very valuable source of information.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Finished the high steer. Took me a few min to figure out how I would get a stud in the caliper bracket then finally clued in to just slide it in with the rotor. Also got the strut tower installed. Just waiting for the welds to cool so I can throw on some paint and then put it back together. All the big stuff is now done! 

I found a place with the t case nuts in canada. Gonna be like $80 for 2 after shipping but at this point I don't even care. Once they arrive she will be ready to go!
Just play with the gear calculator and compare it to the engines original gearing. Tdi I believe you want cruise to be 2200-2500rpm. Find out what speed you want to cruise at and adjust everything accordingly. I'm mainly road use with camping and offroading for fun. I'm going stock gearing and 33" tires which puts me around 2500rpm at 100km/h if I remember right but that's for an aaz and they like to rev higher then tdi.
Samurai Tech / Re: Engine Lean
Honestly I wouldnt worry much about the tranny. The vw swap tilts the tranny pretty far to the passenger side. You literally punch the passenger in the leg every time you go into 5th or reverse. Like I said it may increase mount wear but it shouldn't hurt anything major.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: Air to water intercoolers?
Very true for oil coolers cooling oil but used with water for an intercooler its a different story. Oil you want at a specific temp, water you want as cold as possible at any given time. Ill do some measuring and order the largest oil cooler I can make fit infront of the rad without too much work. I said oil cooler as its probably the most common and easiest to fit "rad".
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Hey newfie! Was wondering where you had been. Congrats on the nice weather and relaxing a bit. Hope all is well!

Not as busy as I would have liked. I'm way over my timeline for getting it done but she's close. Other then the breather tube and wiring the engine bay is done! Installed the filter and finished the intake for now. I'm using exhaust pipe temporarily, until I can afford the water to air intercooler and supporting pieces.  

All that's left now is to hook the parking brake up to the rear axle, install the passenger side strut tower and get the dam t case put back in whenever I find those nuts! >:(

Was supposed to get river drunk in the kayak tomorrow but it looks like that is happening Sunday instead. That kind of sucks but frees up more time to stop procrastinating and work on the zuk. It sucks I can't even start it up and do the initial break in until I get the t case nuts as I can't fill the tranny until the shaft is back in.

In my personal pife... I love being in an in demand field of work! Got fed up and quit my job today, but was able to find a new one a few hours later for $3 more an hour haha. Its also got better hours so ill be off by 3:30 instead of 5 and hopefully beat rush hour!
Suzuki Diesel / Re: Air Filter Options
I got the k and n Apollo installed today. Fits perfect near the headlight and is in a perfect spot to add a snorkel in the future if I go that route. Its quite compact compared to the stock intake.
Samurai Tech / Re: Engine Lean
Does your shifter hit the edge of the tunnel? I really wouldnt worry about it too much. You might have quicker wear on the engine/tranny mounts but I don't really see it causing any issues other then that.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: Ack's Diesel Build...
No first hand experience but when I was looking for a clutch Jeff at acme suggested a dual friction clutch. They are meant to have a close to stock feel with added grip. The track/kick clutch is larger then the samurais and should handle added power without issue. I personally went with the petroworks dual friction (mainly because its cheaper then acme's clutch) but havnt had a chance to use it yet. Hope this helps in some way!
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Crappy weather and laziness hasn't made much progress on the zuk lately. I finally installed 1 of the shock towers and 3 new shocks (courtesy of Ill get to the front passenger side tower maybe on the weekend. Starting to loose motivation on working on it but ill keep chipping away.

Bashing the wheel well back in did cause my oil lines to hit the steering shaft but I was able to get enough clearance by moving the filter mount slightly.

Ill hopefully get to the other tower this weekend. Also my k&n Apollo intake has been sitting in the mail box for almost a week. My new landlords don't have keys to it and neither do I. Once that is sorted ill probably be more inclined to finish the wiring and start it up/do the initial 20min idle at 2000-2500rpm break in.

Still havnt ordered the t case nuts. Pretty annoyed the fancy t clamps I ordered with the silicone couplers barely work. The 3" on the intake doesn't open large enough to get it on neither does the 2" on the compressor intake. You would think they would make them large enough they would account for the expansion in the silicone sliding it over the pipe but I guess that is asking too much. At any rate 2 of the 2" couplers I ordered will need to be replaced with 2.25" as that's the size of the barrel intercooler ill be ordering.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: ACME kit
Its a egrless aaz. The intake portion is removable and can be aimed either way
Suzuki Brute, LJ10, LJ20,LJ50, LJ80 / Re: Latest LJ
Nice and clean! Other then that eye sore in front of the grill!
Suzuki Diesel / Re: ACME kit
In case you change your mind my couplers just arrived. 4x6" barrel intercooler fits my application perfect.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: ACME kit
If you want to switch direction an aaz intake would be easiest. The pd150/pd130 intake is higher performance but comes in either direction I believe and is more expensive. I have my old aaz one laying around if you want it.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: ACME kit
Just a heads up if you decide to run an intercooler a 4x8" barrel water to air should fit perfectly between the intake and the turbo if the intake opens away from the t belt. At least it does on my setup.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Ugh why can't anything just go smoothly? Took me about an hour to get the turbo drain hooked up because the waste gate actuator was in the way. Was able to shift the housing slightly to get it to fit then I had to install the other end of my an fitting to the hose under the turbo with barely any room because apparently its impossible to remove the lower end fitting without taking off the engine mount. To make things worse I cut the hose ever so slightly too short so there is quite a bit of pressure on it. Finally get it done then go to put in the drive shafts to find the nylon lock nuts I got from fastenall are too tall and stop the flanges from sitting flush. I was able to modify the nut for the im shaft but for whatever reason the modifications I made to the first nut didnt work for the other 2. Found one of my original nuts that was still in decent condition and reused it. Tomorrow I have to either try and find my other nut and see if its usable or modify my new ones more and try and get them to work. I know for sure my 1 original nut is junk but I'm unsure of the one I can't seem to find  ::)
Suzuki Diesel / Re: Air to water intercoolers?
I have the petroworks dual fricrionc clutch which should hopefully last a while. Tranny upgrades will happen if necessary.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: Air to water intercoolers?
I know bigger is better I'm just wondering how how much is necessary. Are those 6 row oil coolers on eBay good enough without a fan mounted in front of the rad?
Suzuki Diesel / Air to water intercoolers?
With my build almost finished I'm starting to panic over inevitable  high egt's due to the high boost I will be running. After purchasing 2 intercoolers I've pretty much given up on trying to fit air to air and I'm thinking of air to water. I'm thinking a 4"x8" barrel type cooler would fit perfectly between my intake and the turbo. I've read marine 12v pumps work well and are fairly affordable. My main question is about the heat exchanger size. Is a large oil cooler, a air conditioning evaporator, a power steering cooler or even a heater core large enough to cool the water sufficiently or is like a full on rad required? As you know space is limited and I could see an evaporator or a power steering/oil cooler fitting perfectly in the samurai grill.