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Suzuki Diesel / Re: yj leafs + diesel
Ill hopefully have mine back on the road in a few weeks. We should go for a rip and you can show me what yjs can do!
Suzuki Diesel / Re: yj leafs + diesel
Are yj's the best spring choice for diesel swaps? Been trying to figure out exactly what I should go with. I was planning ruf and yjs In thr back but startjng to reconsider.
Samurai Tech / Re: Dreaded steering shaft play
Lol ill see how motivated I get to pull mine. Ill post if I figure anything out
Samurai Tech / Re: Dreaded steering shaft play
Ive also been wondering this.  If you have a vernier caliper and are able to measure the shaft od and the housing id I could look around and see if I can find a part number. I have a bearing store nearby and could probably get them to find something
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Just got an email from lror my basic lift kit, clutch and a few other goodies shipped today and should arrive some time next week. I really need some good weather this weekend so I can get the majority of the painting finished and hopefully get the engine back in the bay. If all goes well it should be back on the road mid May! Would be awesome if I can take it for a camping trip on my birthday May long weekend!
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
If you go how acme does it, it may but I route my hose a bit differently. I use a straight thermostat housing and then have a U and then bring it up by the water pump and over the steering box.
Samurai Tech / Re: High output alternator wiring question
Just keep all your stock wiring in place and add a new wire from the battery to the alternator. You can then cut off the original alternator wire, or leave it on as well.
Samurai Tech / Re: High output alternator wiring question
I only suggested using the starter as a stepping stone to make the wiring a bit cleaner. If the alternator even makes any power (which I doubt) during cranking the starter would be drawing from it regardless if its in series or parallel, it would just be a longer path in parallel. Which if I'm understanding it right would cause more resistance and more potential for melting wires. That being said 4, 6 or even 8 gauge is probably good enough for the 5-10seconds the starter ever runs at.
Samurai Tech / Re: High output alternator wiring question
My understanding of how amperage works is your devices will only use what they are capable of drawing not what the alternator will make. That being said you "shouldn't" need to upgrade any wiring. Now you probably got the bigger alternator for a reason and depending on what you want the extra power for and how you decide to wire it up will determine what you want to upgrade. Personally I'd run a 4 or 0/1 gauge wire from the alternator to the starter and then the starter to the battery. Relastically any high power accessory you install will run off a relay and will get its power directly from the battery. Therefore the stock wiring on the vehicle side of things "should" be fine, but upgrading as much as possible is never a bad idea.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: Is this diesel worth the effort?
That intake is worth $100 on its own. Definitely some stuff you can make some cash with on it. Plus you can always strip the engine and see how bad the damage is. Will give you good experience if you ever want to rebuild one. I tore about 3 or 4 vw diesels apart and just put my first together recently. Install was a breeze once I knew what everything was and where it all goes. If youre lucky you might be able to just replace the valves, machine the crank and get it going again
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
I did a bit more sandblasting on the weekend. I didn't get to any painting but will hopefully finish up most of it this weekend if the weather is nice. I started freeing all the wiring and cleaning up the engine bay in preparation for paint. I cut out the ammo can I had beside the brake booster to relocate the battery there. Right now the bay has been mostly de-greased but there is a huge mess or wiring I'm going to have to go over and fix. Its going to be interesting figuring out what I do and don't need and what I can remove from the original harness.

The new input shaft for my tranny came in the mail today as well, I'll hopefully get that back together after I've painted this housing this weekend.

I also made a run to pick a part and I grabbed an eps, as well as a 1.6td boost pin/spring. I grabbed the eps from a Nissan versa and its a bit different from the one in the how-to section. The wiring on the computer is a bit different as well as the mounting points. The model number I grabbed matches the one listed in the guide so hopefully it works out.

Took me about 3 or 4 hours to modify the steering shaft and make some brackets for it. I used some scrap 1/8" steel I had laying around and I'm thinking it was a bit thin. The eps flexes a bit when I turn the steering wheel, I imagine it will be even worse when its hooked up and has power assist. I might try and add some gussets or just completely remake the mounts. I'm pretty horrible at welding lol, my welds on the shaft turned out ok for the most part but the mounts to the frame are pretty gnarly. There solid so I'm not worried about them breaking but definitely not something people should look at lol.

Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Its like an oil drain that connects to the puck thing on the valve cover. As far as I know its an aaz thing. The puck has 2 outlets, one for the intake and one to drain back to the block. Think its meant to act like a catch can but I'm not sure how effective it is.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Its just clear "chemical" resistant hose from Canadian tire. I dunno if it even holds up to diesel in the long run. I had it left over from using it in the past. Its been hard to get fully sealed. It usually leaks for a month or so until it starts to harden. Actual clear fuel hose for a motorcycle would be better but I dunno where to get that stuff.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Gave it some head after work

Still trying to figure out what colour to paint the injection pump. I think it needs to be blue because with the hoses and timing belt cover on there will be too much black. Now I just need to figure out if I should make it match the valve cover or the block? The valve cover paint isn't very durable and chips easily, but the paint on the block is so much more time consuming...
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
I just went ahead and installed it all as is. This is the first time I've assembled a complete engine, I took my time and just tried to be as clean as possible and lube everything as good as I could. It all went together fairly easily. Here's some pics!

Here is a tip for installing the pistons and clocking the rings. I found putting a bolt or screw driver in the hole in the wrist pin while having it sit in the cylinder made it much easier to line up the rings and install the compressor. I then removed the bolt, tapped the piston down until the edges of the ring compressor were above the crown, I then tapped the compressor down to sit flat on the head and then continued to tap the piston down with the wooden handle of the hammer. I used a wrinkle band ring compressor which has a small open section by the handle which can let you see the rings slide into the cylinder. I had to readjust it a couple times but overall it went smoothly and I didn't damage any of the rings.

Here is the block fully assembled when I was measuring the piston protrusion. For some reason I had it in my head that this was going to be a hard thing to do and that I needed a fancy deck bridge. I came up with the idea of laying down my cam lock across the bore last night and it worked out well. My protrusion on all cylinders was between .71mm-.79mm which puts me right in the middle of a 1 notch gasket.

I also dug out the last of the engine related stuff that needs painting. I dont have the motivation to clean and prep any of it tonight, nor do I have any paint left so that will have to wait until sometime during the week.

For now there's 1 thing I can finally cross off the list. I'm going to order my head gasket tonight. Hopefully next weekend we will get some more nice weather and I can start getting the engine bay ready.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
I just got the crank installed and measured the gap on all the rings. They are kind of all over the place and 2 rings are right at the edge of spec. Bentley lists the gap as .2mm-.4mm for the first 2 rings and .25mm-.5mm for the oil ring
Piston 1:

Piston 2:

Piston 3:

Piston 4:
Between .381mm-.406mm
Just under .508mm

Basically the last 2 rings on piston #4 are just on the edge of spec. I guess my question is, is it worth hand filing all the rings so each cylinder has a close to equal gap, or should I just install them as is? I'm not going to spend $100 on a special ring filer, so is it worth the risk of messing up the square edge to have an equal gap? Is there much of a performance or reliability difference in doing so? I don't really care about getting every last hp out of this thing, I'm more interested in having optimal compression and minimal oil consumption.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Its rained every day since last weekend so havnt done any painting or anything really. My main bearings arrived today and I dry fit the crank to plastigauge everything. All the clearances were between .038mm and .051mm which puts it all in spec. I also installed the new oil pump bushing, oil squirters as well as the Im shaft. I wasn't 100% sure what to do with the squirters so I rubbed a bit of rtv red around them and blue locktited the bolts hand tight. 2 of them went in kinda loose and the other 2 were snug in the bores. I dunno if that matters but hopefully the rtv will help the loose ones so they dont leak. I forgot to order arp lube for my studs so the install was just temporary. Im also still trying to figure out what my ring gap should be. I think I need to call the machine shop again and find out exactly what size they bored the cylinders to.

Ive been thinking lately that everything on my list is a bit much to take on all at once, especially since a lot of it ive never done before and I dont want to get discouraged. Once the engine, tranny and transfer case are back together I think I'm going to put it back on the road for a bit. After the engine has broken in ill park it and start focusing on rebuilding the axles and installing a lift.

Here it is all stacked together. I'm pretty happy with my colour scheme, I think its turning out great!
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
Got the enamel on. This stuff goes on extremely thick and levels itself out smooth. Its pretty easy to get runs with it so its best to do it as light as possible. Im going to let it dry overnight and if its nice out after work tomorrow I'll throw on another coat.

I'm getting excited to put this thing together once my bearings arrive. I still need to measure the protrusion before I order a headgasket so that will be another delay. Most of the engine related painting it done. I'm going to strip apart my alternator and install a P terminal for the tach adapter I got from acme, I'll also paint the housing black to match the rest of the accessories. Then all that's left to paint in the engine bay is the bay itself, the acme adapter parts, the timing cover, the injection pump and injector lines.

I'm a bit worried about hood clearance with my g60 intake, the top of it is about 3" above the top of the oil cap, I'm hoping I can make it work. I'll figure it out when the time comes. I still have so many little things to order and so much left to do before this is going to be done. I think once the tranny and engine are back together I wont feel so overwhelmed whenever I think about what needs to be done. Basically nothing is on the finished list at this point lol.
Samurai Tech / Re: Crazy battery terminal corrosion
How old is the battery? Ive heard coke works well at cleaning it but I would just replace the terminal to be honest.
Suzuki Diesel / Re: My build log!
I got a new phone yesterday so the pictures should be bette from now on. Also got some nice weather today. 
Got the block cleaned and prepped for paint

I also laid down the por15 "primer" coat.

This stuff takes hours to dry according to the instructions. In a few hours once its ready I'll start laying down the colour coat. This is the first time ive used por15. Its pretty cool stuff, it goes on very thin but covers extremely well. I only used about 1/4 of the 4oz can on the block. I woulnd't be surprised if 2x4oz cans is more then enough for the engine, tranny, xfer case, both axles, driveshafts and steering components.