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Samurai Tech / Re: 1.3L Flat top pistons or not?
I really don't like bringing old threads back from the dead, but holy moly I really could use some info on where to source these pistons since Lee Built seems to have imploded on itself.
My current stock bottom end is in a sad state of compression and oil burning.  Wan't the best possible piston without going custom for my turbo setup.
When I built my 1.3L I ordered flat tops .020" over from Myron.  He went through the makers from crap to bestest most goodest and prices for them with me.  I got bestest most goodest and am more than pleased with the pistons and my dealings with Myron at Zuksoffroad.
Samurai Tech / Re: Stage 1 Suzuki Samurai cup holder!
I screwed a 4.25" center bore hub cover to my trans tunnel for a cup holder.  I use mine to carry my thermos with coffee and if I carry something in a 20oz bottle or a can I slip it in an old koozy.  
I noticed that I was getting some inversion when my tires were fully stuffed with the CJ/RUF.  I'm wanting to go to a bigger tire eventually so my bump stops needed some attention.  I went to the junkyard and spied a Dodge D50 and checked out the rear bump stops.  After some blood, many cuss words and summoning the strength of the junkyard pickers of old off came a pair of bump stops for $5.

These should work, bigly.

Compared to the stock ones: 

Samurai Tech / Re: Is it a must to re-gear my transfer case?
NO! I would not use an aluminum carrier in the rear simply because of the strength issue.
You use the rear ALL THE TIME, and the front is only occasional. Even in 4wd, the rear still gets more stress.

Best bet is to get a "set" of 3rds.
AFAIK, all track/kick front 3rds are aluminum, all rear 3rds are steel.
Hopefully someone will confirm or correct.


BTW-Funny thing about my set of 3rds, I got them from my good wheelin' buddy Surly (RIP).
        He had them in two 5 gallon pickle buckets. They smelled like dill pickles for weeks!

Thanks.  Rear 3rds are steel but they are much larger and won't fit a sami housing. 

Guess I'll be switching out some gears.
Samurai Tech / Re: Is it a must to re-gear my transfer case?
Are you running a kick 3rd in the rear or did you swap to the sami steel housing?  I've read that the aluminum kick 3rds won't work in the rear because they don't oil properly? 

I have a set of kick 4.30's that ask me everyday, "daddy, will you install me?"  If I don't have to swap into a steel case for the rear they're headed for some housings this weekend.
Samurai Tech / Re: Question on a spring swap
My partner in crime held the tape on the front of the shackle instead of the center of the bolt. From center to center I'm 1" too short with the 43" spring.
Samurai Tech / Re: Question on a spring swap
After a remeasure I don't think they're gonna fit.
Samurai Tech / Re: Question on a spring swap
Samurai Tech / Re: Question on a spring swap
I measured my cj's and I would still have to use missing links or extend the frame I think.
Samurai Tech / Re: Question on a spring swap
The hammer man, I should have quoted him.

You in Greenville, TN?  I went to college at ETSU so I've been through there.
Samurai Tech / Re: Question on a spring swap
I'm not far from you either.  Ain't you in Maryville?
Samurai Tech / Re: Question on a spring swap
I'm going to pull the tie bolts and wire wheel the old springs and put them back together and then get started on the project.

I'll update with some pics
Samurai Tech / Question on a spring swap
I have done the CJ/RUF swap but you know how it is you are always looking to do something else.  If you swap YJ's in the front you need missing links or you need to stretch the frame for them to fit. I was snooping around the innerwebs and I found some Jeep DJ springs.  They fit a mail jeep and they are 2.5" wide and roughly 43" long.  So these are 3.25" longer than the rears but 3.25" shorter than YJ's.  I measured from my shackle to the back hole in the relocation bracket and I have 42", so I went to the junkyard and wallah!  A field full of DJ's.

Now for the question, what shackles do you use that will fit the 2" frame and the 2.5" spring?

Samurai Tech / Re: Build stock axles or yota axle swap?
Pick up one of those, go to the junkyard and snag a track/kick rear for $75, swap in a mini-spool $100, and hammer down.
General Tech / Re: Rear locker on my daily driver
I put a mini-spool in the back of my Samurai and I'll never have another without one. 
I'm on 215/75r15's and I love my 4.16 gears.  I got mine from Myron, install was easy and they are awesome off road and they really help on the road too.  I plan on going to 30x9.50's when these tires go and I have a pair of tracker 4.30's to install when they go on.
Samurai Tech / Re: msd coil and ballast resistor question
I had to put a resistor on mine with the Blaster II after going to it from a stock coil.  My Sam wouldn't start until we put a resistor on it.  
Link to headlights, please