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Wanted / Re: New project needing a couple parts
Sent you a pm, I have a back yard full of Sammy parts if you need anything else.
Wanted / Re: New project needing a couple parts
I have 3 different back seats from $80 to $150 also have seat belts $35 ea
Samurai Tech / Re: Zuki running issues... Stumped
Also have the coil checked out.My Sammy would die after 5 mins, bad coil.
General Chit Chat / Re: Losing Job 1/31/2014
soooo sorry Jim, I worked 16 years with Circuit City and the big wigs pulled the plug and closed the doors.Out of work for 14 months.For all the Obama lovers, how do u like the change
Samurai Tech / Re: only half dim
I had the same problem with my headlights,one of the fuses had a hairline crack,new fuse fixed problem
Samurai Tech / Re: Can get past 50mph even with 1.6 16v
Sean, please send me your 20hp sticker asap, lol
Samurai Tech / Re: Ignition fuse/alternator problems?
i had a problem with my headlights being very dim, replaced the left and right headlight fuse, fixed problem. Both fuses had a hair line crack.
Samurai Tech / Re: 90 Sami spark help!!
O'reilly auto parts tested  the ignitor, coil and electronic control module for free
Samurai Tech / Re: 90 Sami spark help!!
i had the same problem on my 92 Sammy, turn out the electronic control module inside the distributor was bad. Also check your igniter located on the coil.
Samurai Tech / Re: What's the problem?
I would have the computer checked out
General Chit Chat / Re: Prayers please!
just said a prayer for you, Rom. 8:28
Samurai Tech / Re: Engine problems
check the coil also