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Samurai Tech / Re: Who uses Epic Trek suspension on 35s?
I built an epic trek kit for a fellow who dds it.

It's a nice kit. But I still like yjs. You might ask to buy just the shocks from him.

285s look small on his kit.  Take the shocks off and run it for a week and it will break the springs in. And make them softer.  Or a full day of hard Wheeling. It might loose half an inch but will make it ride alot better. The only down side to looser springs is the body roll in the corners.

This is with a 305 or roughly a 34" with 1.5 wheel spacers.

Realisticly. Id use whatever ones look the best. They have the same bearings and sycronizors. 

You always keep matching gears in the trans or they will wear faster.

It takes every bit of an hour to swap parts over.. IIRC.
To put a 2wd trans in a 4wd.  Take both transmissions apart.

Swap the rear part of the housing and output shaft.

Then it will work. 
In a nut shell NO! :(  I have a 95 Kick 2WD that will be a donor vehicle for my Tin Top. I plan on using the 16V motor and front brakes. When I checked with Myron from Zuks Off Road in AZ, he said it won't work. He did say you could use the Kick Trans with a Samurai Xfer case with the use of a super short intermediate shaft between the two boxes. He makes the shaft from a combo of the Kick shaft and the Samurai shaft.

For a Sami it's different then a tracker. 
Pix and Vids / Re: Wheeling spot. In Jersey?!?!
Had some really good BBQ in new Jersey. Never thought I'd say that.

Woke up late this morning. Pulled a transmission for ecoast and headed for his house with Avi. Got there and shot some bull with them.  Good to see friends even if zuwharrie was like 2 weekend ago.

Stopped at a winery and picked up mom a bottle of Merlot.

Got the family bagels and 8 out of 13 where gone when I got back. 
Pix and Vids / Re: Wheeling spot. In Jersey?!?!
I ran over a stick or two  with the dodge. funny thing is you could probably drive from his house to where we where at almost entirely offroad.

More pics from Saturday.  Man it was raining hard. Also I've never seen so many burnt cars in one place.

Had a really good time. The tintop back glass lost a fist with a tree branch. the greeen car was a triumph of some sorts

Pix and Vids / Re: Wheeling spot. In Jersey?!?!
He doesn't own any own any of it.  And we all are glad she's fine.  

So we closed down the bar.  Wasn't hard when you get there at 1am.  [thirsty] [thirsty]

I crashed on the couch and woke up at 7. We ate breakfast and hit the road to another Sami guys place and spent the rest of the morning getting his red tint back together. After making hobo lunch packets. We loaded up and hit the trail.

It was raining so bad that it just turned everything into mud we had a heck of a time trying to go up some steeep banks. Lots of nice rocks and some river crossings.

All and all we settled down to make lunch.  At 3. I can personally say I've never had to put a tarp over a fire to keep it going.
Pix and Vids / Wheeling spot. In Jersey?!?!
What do you get when a Confederate needs to go see his Yankee pals and make a long azz parts run?.  ROADTRIP!!!

First things first.  Little Subaru wheel bearings are on the way out the door. So I rebuild the ones on the dodge and take it. ;D

I left work at 1. My grandmother was in an accident so my plans got delayed.   I went and checked up on here in the er. (She turned out fine).

Hit DC and Baltimore at 5 on a Friday.  Driving a manual with a built clutch. I swear my left leg looked like one of Popeye's arms, and I could probably kick a house pet into orbit Added 3hours on there.

Stopped by to see dr. Z. Fab.  Nice shop. Hopefully he will be coming out with some new products soon  [thumbsup] [black_s]

Finally got to Jersey to stay with @justzukit because @ecoast wouldn't answer  [stickpoke] [sadwave]


Am I just being stupid and it's just a very old oring?

Old o ring.  There is the one you are referencing too,  and the one on the dissy.
For Sale / Re: Zuk tcase Bearing set
Good deal
General Chit Chat / Re: Tornado Watch NC and VA
Pix and Vids / Re: 2017 Zuwharrie official pix thread
I'll try to get the videos to youtube before too long. 
Wanted / Re: Samurai roll cage
Yea some crazy guy from Virginia
Says the New Jersey driver.
Wanted / Re: Samurai roll cage
What?   Are you scared someone might take you for a wild ride and roll over???
Pix and Vids / Re: 2017 Zuwharrie official pix thread
here are some. I didn't have my phone or I would have taken more pictures. 
Samurai Tech / Re: Stage 1 Suzuki Samurai cup holder!
I figured out that the old McDonalds $1 sweet tea cups fit perfectly in a 88.5+ steering wheel.

But only in a straight line.   Had to swerve to miss something and it busted open all over my old radio. 

Need to keep it insulated. If not it will make your drinks really hot. 
General Chit Chat / Re: JACK-LEGGED!!!!

My radio is wired all the time.
My 16v is running rich because of a wire shortage.   BUT IT STILL RUNS
Made a nice battery tie down. Lost it.  Now its a ratchet strap.  >:(
Vise grip window regulators.
CB under my driver seat that doesnt work.
Ripped the exhaust off at rausch creek one weekend and had to be somewhere else the next weekend. SO I went to advanced and bought a cherry bomb and what I needed to get it to work. 

Also a certified fact, You only need 3 driveshaft bolts.  Ive split yokes with only 3.  [thumbsup]
General Chit Chat / Re: AFTERMARKET 4X4
Can't wait to see you on the trail Roberto  ;D
Samurai Tech / Re: Samurai towing capacity?
Yes,  Just dont use a big trailer. 

Try to keep it under 750lbs 

General Chit Chat / Re: Just for Bad Zuki
Roll Tide [thumbsup]