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Samurai Tech / Re: 2.0 Liter Sleeper Samurai
Sean, what temp are you running at? Just letting mine idle in the driveway, it hovers around half way on the stock gauge. Every other zuk engine I've used stays around 1/3 up the gauge.
Runs at just under 1/2 once she warms up. It uses the Trail Tough 3 core aluminum radiator. It never ever goes over half way on the gauge.
The new owner will be bringing it to me for some work and upgrades later this year. I will update you guys when he does.
Samurai Tech / Re: 2.0 Vitara Engine Swap
So in 2013 I said it would be a good idea and in 2016 I actually built it!   2.0 Liter Sleeper:

.....The most fun you can have with only 2.0 Liters!

Sean DeVinney
Did this ever get picked up? Call me directly:

Sean. (757)685-616 ONE
For Sale / Re: 2 toyota ifs power steering boxes
What's shipping for both to 23322?

General Chit Chat / Re: 'runk posting
Might be doing some of that this weekend......   :-X

Well not me, but.... Ummm....

General Chit Chat / Re: Bama Zuk at the Event?
NICE!  It's been a while  [red_s]

Just started on the 4-door Vitara build.... needs lots more work this weekend to get it ready for the ZU!  Going for simple, fun, and comfy!  

One week and counting!
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Official 2017 Zuwharrie weather girl
Looks like its going to be HOT for spring ... Might need to get my A/C going in the Zuwharrie BEATER of the week!
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
my motor had to be raised up approximately 1 inch and I re-drilled the spring perches and U-bolt plates to move the axle 1" forward. The oil pan had to be cut which was approx 2 inches off the front face of the lower section then the right side was cut at an angle to clear the 3rd member. The oil drain plug and oil pickup tube were both moved rearward towards the back of the pan. Now no more axle/differential clearance issues. 
Samurai Tech / Re: 2.0 Liter Sleeper Samurai
I wish I had more time to do a more complete write up and I am happy someone else did have the time:

Almost Stock 2.0 swap

The 1993 2.0 Stock Sleeper Sammy did find a new home:
I  couldn't have asked of a better group of guys to hang out with all week and a more beautiful place to vacation! Got to go back ... Next Year? Hmmmmm?!?!?!?!

General Chit Chat / Re: Favorite Mex dish?
Carnita's ...YUM! 8)

 I learned how to make them after coming back from Costa Rica and they are actually considered a South American Dish and not just Mexican.
Yeah, I think so. Puta in Spanish is Wash me! Lol
Wonder whose machine that was on! ;D
It's more like ...."Wonder who wrote it?"
Paging  Mr. Ecoast.. ....LMAO!
General Chit Chat / Re: 2017 Zuwharrie event registration
Signed up and PAID!

[red_s]    :bluesamf:   [red_s]
The vids are great and show the nastiness of some of the trails better than some of the pic's. The lake they kept driving through would easily get you stuck unless you kept moving and those 34X9.50's on the Zuk's dig and get right down to the bottom to get traction!

Great Pic's and vid's Ariel!

Sean (What an Adventure!) DeVinney
General Chit Chat / Re: samurayo
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!         [red_s] [headbang]
Good times, good friends, good fun! 
'08 F450 Fummins build. I bought this as a project from a guy who purchased the Diesel Conversion Specialists kit ($4700) and had the '97 12v 130k mile motor built at a shop in Culpepper, VA. The guy set it in the engine bay and started bolting it together then realized it was more work than he could handle. After several months of ordering parts, tracking down the many missing kit parts, modding the vehicle, repairing and replacing items that should not have been bad, figuring out how to set timing without the proper expensive tools, and quite a few other headaches she's on the road. It does use the Ford 5R110 auto transmission and has a SCTX4 programmer with a custom tune to control shifting. 
The F450 is overbuilt for what I need with 150hp injectors, O-ringed head, ARP head studs, Fire ringed, 4000# gov springs, 60# valve springs, #0 fuel plate, 05 HE351 turbo, 4" down pipe with complete 4" exhaust, & I am sure I have forgot something. It is overbuilt for what I need and I know I will need to change a few things and do some tuning. I finally drove it for the first time yesterday and what a plush comfy ride with a ton of power to spare. On the test drive I didn't notice he was there and accidentally smoked out a jogger. Anyway, she's definitely a beast! I just wanted to share to show it CAN be done even if you've taken over someone's headache and that it's really one heck of a great swap! 

No, this is not a For Sale post, but for $40k I would consider it....LOL. 
 [red_s]  So we busted the shocks off the rear of Ariel's Sammy runnung 60+ on the bumpy gravel roads! He had the Spidertrax Shock mount relocation bar up top and it increased the leverage on the studs and eventually sheared off one stud and ripped the other stud out of the frame! So we had to remove them: