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Samurai Tech / Re: Tach wiring for 2.0
Thanks fellas ........... I am told that the 2.0 brown wire is (- coil) and so I ran from the back of the tach that I labled (- coil) to the brown wire.
Samurai Tech / Re: Tach wiring for 2.0
Ok something is wrong .....

based on the image above..... I landed the (- coil) to the brown wire on the 2.0 harness.

Tach no worky

This 2.0 brown wire isn't completely solid ..... it has those grey narrow rings every so often on it (not a stripe). Is this considered a "Solid Brown Wire" or should I keep looking ?

I am also afraid that I overheated the logic board when I swapped out resistors, but I thought I was careful not to heat it up.

Samurai Tech / Tach wiring for 2.0
I did the resistor swap according to the thread over on pirate4x4

pirate4x4 link

from what I have read .......... I need to land (a wire) to the brown wire on the 2.0. My problem is that I have (3) wires hooked up to the (3) posts on the back of the Tach....... (see pic) ...........

based on the 3 wires in the pic ........ which wire would I land to the brown wire on the 2.0 harness?
Zuwharrie Info / Re: Spring 17 Official Zu announcement
Crap .............. I hate that I am going to miss meeting 'Bama
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Right. All I did was swap the resistor and connect the brown wire. Easy.
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Here is a pic of my wire taps. Yep. Solid brown wire for the tach signal. There is a brown one with a black stripe. DONT use that one. :)
so as long I get a 1/4w 24k resistor i will be good? I might be asking more questions soon because I completely replaced the entire stock zuk harness with an aftermarket one. I think I had to do something with the 2 wires out the back of the gauge cluster also.....
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Got it ..... over on Pirate they say to hook the tach to the brown wire at the ECU [thumbsup]
How-To / Re: Samurai 2.0 swap
Did the tach mod today. You take the cluster out and replace a 30k ohm resistor with a 1/4w 24k ohm resistor. I found this write up on pirate. Even though it is a square vent dash in the write up, my round vent dash was exactly the same. Once you get the cluster out, remove the two screws on the front to get the glass off. Then remove 5 screws from the back to get the tach out. Remove the old resistor, solder in the new resistor and put it all back together. Works like it should now.
Where did you land the engine side wires seeing how it doesn't have a distributor?

edit:   or should I say ...... where are you picking up your signal for the tach
General Chit Chat / Re: Trunion Bearings Shot
I wonder if the Eliminator Kit would be good for a "mostly" daily driver ?
General Chit Chat / Trunion Bearings Shot
So my trunion bearings are shot and I am thinking about getting...............


has anyone had any experience with this kit?

Fayetteville N.C.

I have a real good friend that is clearing a lot and I am assuming the person that owns the property just wants to get rid of the stuff that is there.

My friend just called and asked if I knew anyone that would be interested in:

1999 Tracker
1.6 16 valve
unknown milage
5- speed

He said that property owner just wants it gone........ so it is free to anyone.


he told me I could give out his phone number and you could call him.

nine-one-zero-eight-five-zero-zero-two-seven-three......... his name is Alan and just tell him you are from the Zuwharrie Group and David Stiff gave you his number

General Chit Chat / Re: slight knock in tranny
Would that create the same sound ...... that sounds like a bad throw out bearing?????
General Chit Chat / slight knock in tranny
Investigating slight knock in tranny and thought it was te throw out bearing.

naaaaaaa....... it is better than that

soooooo ...... I am in need of the lower gear section of the tranny

see picks

General Chit Chat / Re: Work Space Organizing
I have one of those quasie hut metal buildings ............. 20' x 24' I think.
Wood walls front and back ..... Peg board on back wall......... started to build work benches on one side with a secondary shelf and pegboard backing.
I know you have plans for it  [thumbsup]
General Chit Chat / Re: Center Console Build
Here is the cross brace I made to hold the cup holder in place.  One plus is that I can remove it to clean it. 
General Chit Chat / Door locks
Where is a good place to order doors locks (only) for the samurai? I see that most vendors sell the door locks along with the ignition,  but as most of you know.....  I don't need the ignition anymore
General Chit Chat / Re: Center Console Build
Before I added carpet I decided to add a 5" x 5" square collection area for whatever. After I built it and added carpet ............ I thought ........... man that would be a nice cup holder. So i picked up one at autozone. Had a problem with it falling forward................. I will show you the fix for that later today.
General Chit Chat / Re: Center Console Build
One more