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Some may call it the honeydo list.  Others may think of it as an escape.  No matter.  Whatever you call it, what are you doing?

The latest beehive project is cleaning up the junk corner behind the shop.  It will be transformed into a patio ish hangout location.  There are nice trees for cover.  The backyard has a privacy fence in need of repairs.  Part of it will be repositioned to close in the corner.  A firepit is part of the plan.  I'm building benches from repurposed materials.  Part from an old pool deck and part from an old trailer.  Should be a great fall hangout!  
For Sale / mid 90s Kick hood
Located near North Wilkesboro NC.

This is a magical hood.  The shop has had zero dragon attacks since this has been around.  Not to he selfish, it is time to share this with a friend. 

Dark green color (scares dragons), no dents, no rust.  Should clean up nicely.  

$20 is a fair price from any knight's coin.  Brave lads must prove themselves with a journey.  Local pickup only.  No shipping, have a castle to guard here.
General Chit Chat / RIP Adam West
The original Batman.  Many childhood memories of that show.   :\\\'(
General Chit Chat / MXC
Anyone ever watch that show?  Not sure which is funnier - the junk they do or the voiceovers.  Funny stuff.

PG13 for what it's worth.
General Chit Chat / 2017 JOKE
Now that you've clicked the clickbait, you're probably wondering....what the heck is a JOKE?  Sure, there is the funny, haha variety.  And we love them.  Then there is the 1996 Honda Civic with stance.  And three NOS stickers.  Everyone knows that kind of joke too. 

In this case, we're talking about the Jeep Owner Kamping Expedition.  As you probably guessed there will be Jeeps present.  But you can't let them have all the fun.  Of course not!!!  The JOKE is a weekend of primitive camping on the New River in beautiful Ashe Co NC.  It's one of the more scenic places around.  Before this gets overly wordy, why don't I just post a couple of links so you can read about it yourself?

So you'd like to join the fun?  Wonderful!  Stay posted for signup details.   [thumbsup]
Pix and Vids / Spartan locker install aftermath
Guys and gals, you must be warned of this condition.  There is a serious flaw in the new Spartan lockers.  @aeroboost had a welded rear.  He decided to pick up a Spartan to go in the front.  He brought it up to the magic shop this afternoon.  Here's  what happened....
General Chit Chat / Memorial Day
Here we are again!  Time to kick off the summer season again.  What are you doing for the holiday weekend?

We just came home from a cookout with friends. Great people and great times.  Killer food too.  See pix.   ;D

While we celebrate let's remember the reason for this holiday.  Enjoying our freedoms to have fun is great.  Let's not forget those who gave everything they could to pave the way for it.   [thumbsup]
Pix and Vids / EV Samurai
Saw this gem at Pilot Mtn this afternoon.  An electric Samurai!  Good looking work too.  More here:
General Chit Chat / Cinco
We celebrated with friends.  A tasty celebration it was.  How was yours?
Zuwharrie Info / 2017 Zuwharrie vendors
Hi everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful time at the Zu. New memories made.  New friends made too. 

Several vendors were generous enough to donate to this year's raffle.  Individual members also made donations.  If you were one of the lucky winners, please take 5 mins to thank those who donated this year.  The Zu has always been a wonderful group of people.  Showing our gratitude will go a long way toward ensuring vendors continue supporting our event.  Even if you didn't win let's give huge thanks! 

Here are some of the smiling faces at the raffle.  They love their prizes from:

Trail Tough
Lowrange Offroad
Minuteman Signs
Muskopf Vinyl Designs

Many thanks!
General Chit Chat / Emma's last ride
Emma was our Great Dane.  She was an aged dog but still in great shape.  Until the lymphoma set in that is.  She did well until a few days ago.  She deteriorated quickly.   She ate very little the past 5 days.  Last night we made the decision.  It was time.  This morning we took a short walk, then a scenic ride.

Goodbye Emma, until we meet again.   :\\\'(
Pix and Vids / 2017 Zuwharrie official pix thread
Here it is!  Look at em, post em, share em, enjoy em!  
Zuwharrie Info / Official 2017 Zuwharrie weather girl
Ah!  The all important element while we're out wheeling...the weather!  We all plan for the worst and hope for the best.  Hey, we'll have fun anyway.  Maybe even with the forecast.   ;D  Still, we'd like to know what to plan for regarding weather.  So here we are!  We have our very own weather forecast, right here on the Zu. 

Now, it's tradition we have the annual weather girl.  Let's just say some are uh..."hotter" than others, just like the weather!!  So will it be hot this year?  Could be....

...let's find out.....

Wed Apr 26    Sunny, 79/52

Thur Apr 27   Sunny, 78/55

Fri Apr 28  Partly Cloudy, 81/59

Sat Apr 29  Partly Cloudy,  81/61

Sun Apr 30  Showers  82/58 enough for you?

.....was anyone actually looking at the weather?   ;D
General Chit Chat / Zu Do list
Tick, tock.  The clock continues to rock.  And so does the Zu!  What do you still have to do?

Jenn's 3 speed is operational that still needs odds and ends.  Maybe a locker?  Who knows!  Or just wheel it like it is.   ;D
General Chit Chat / 'runk posting
You could Giggle it.  Or you could simply search for it here.  Truth is, there's no need.  I'll provide an example for you.  ;D

Let vacation begin biotches!   [lol]
General Chit Chat / 87rhino
Happy birthday bud!  May it be filled with happiness.  And Zuks!  ;D
For Sale / Samurai 6.5 gearset
I'm posting for another Zu member.  Sure, it's unorthodox but there are reasons.  ;)  Anyway, here are the goods:

Parts are located near Winston Salem NC

Hi guys, it is time for me to clean the yard and use the cash for a new project.

List of parts for sale;

Trail Gear 6.5 Samurai transfer case gear set (new in the box) Sold

Used Samurai Transfer case. Sold

1.5” Wheel spacers. 6 bolt pattern (Toyota) $50.00 set of 2 

For contact email at  post “Parts” in Subject line
BBS Help and Site Suggestions / Zuwharrie privacy policy
Zuwharrie will collect minimal private information as needed to enjoy the site.  Examples of information collected include IP address, email address, plus any information you voluntarily include in your profile or posts.  On that note, it should be obvious but let's say it anyway.  This is a publicly accessible forum.  Anything you post is available to the public.  Information collected by the site which is NOT publicly accessible, such as email address and IP address, will never be given to a third party except under legal court order or by your request.  Finally, the site places a cookie on your machine as part of it's normal operation. 
General Chit Chat / aeroboost
Happy Birthday Andy!  Hope it's filled with fun.  And steak.   ;D
General Chit Chat / Favorite Mex dish?
Current situation in Garner, NC.