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General Chit Chat / Listing some tires on CL
Does this look decent?

Am I asking too much?

Input appreciated  8)
General Chit Chat / Bama Zuk
Happy b-day man!

Hope you come around to see this  [thumbsup] [black_s]
Wanted / WTB : Split headrests / jx headrest
Looking for a clean, uncracked set of jx headrests...

The headrests with the extra bar across the center

Lmk!  [black_s]
Samurai Tech / Tintop gurus
Afternoon all...

Just curious as to some aesthetic stuff in my tintop...

I would like to eventually pop this oem clock in my dash, I just have yet to make the jump into pulling my dash (Might be overkill, but I want to get back there and tidy up anyway).

Question I have is, does the clock wiring already exist on all samurai wire harnesses?

I tried to look under there, but nothing really stuck out to me.

How about the rear door window defrost connection? (Dash button and rear window connection)

My tt does not have the defrost window, although I would like to have one. (Maybe I am just California dreamin!)  [idea]

Are there any other goodies that already exist in the wire harness (tt or not) that is plug and play?

Was there such option as "factory fog lights"?

When A/C was installed, was the wire harness different or was it modified after the fact?

I also have a rear door Jimny brake light (goes on the inside of the door) and will prob have to run a wire for that light (I would guess this harness wire doesn't exist)

Any insight helps a newb.  [black_s] :o
BBS Help and Site Suggestions / Emoticons on mobile?
How do i see the emitcon set when surfing using my phone?

Cant seem to figure it out?

Need to know the particular emitcon "text" ?

Ie ": D" = :D
General Chit Chat / Ryan Robinson
Happy bday!
BBS Help and Site Suggestions / Mention by username?
Hey there, is there a way to say, (i hate to say it), but like on facebook when you type a name, the person is notified you "mentioned" them and they can go to the post??

I can see this being useful when there is a thread that someone knows what they are talking about, and someone comes in later and talks about them and needs more input, but the original user that knows his stuff is unaware the thread was "bumped" and never responds...

Just a thought!  [idea]
Samurai Tech / Springs or Shocks?
Hey fellas, I need the guru advice!  ::)

I have a set of Trail Gear 3" SPUA springs with RR branded shocks (seems like unbranded Rancho shocks?) and I have a very stiff ride.

Now that I have finally started running my rig a little more since smog, I would like to entertain a "softer ride"...

ofc, coils would be ideal, but my pocket-book can not support this idea... [lol]

I am curious as to what you all think, should I try swapping out some generic shocks with the RR ones, or is all this stiffness from the TG springs? (I understand lifted springs cause a hard ride, but jeeze this is stiff!)

Man, every little bump in the road jiggles every loose screw to no end!

Buy jamies OME setup?  [lol]

Any tips help  [black_s]

General Chit Chat / catfishblues
Happy b-day man!

Hope you are still around to see this!  [black_s] [thumbsup]
General Chit Chat / Happy Halloween

BBS Help and Site Suggestions / Forum outages
I am just curious as to why the forums keep dropping out and I continually get the "server 500" error messages?

I see the ".com" is registered at godaddy, but is the site ran from there (on their webservers?)

Is it a bandwidth issue?

Just wondering!
General Tech / GM lifters
Not sure if it is ok to post "other" vehicle tech stuff, I thought this was a good place...

One of my other vehicles is a Pontiac Grand Prix and has had "lifter tick" for a few years now...

Well, one if them finally decided to give up the ghost!!

I wasnt 100% sure if it was a lifter or a rod bearing (sounded that nasty!), so i told myself if I tore it down and the lifters were not the issue, it would prob head to the jy...

For whatever reason, machinists have a difficult time rebuilding these 3800s, and most people just swap out the crank case with a "good" jy one...

Well, to my suprise and joy, i tore it down last night to find this, a nice little lifter that has seen a better day..

You can see in the second pic, a nice good flat spot...

The only thing that concerns me now is if the cam lobe is wiped...argh!!

Just thought I would share!

Hope this is in the right spot in the message board!
General Chit Chat / Where do I sign?
Camping and Outdoor Skills / Knots...and how to tie them
Great classic boy scouts nifty handbook  [thumbsup]
Samurai Tech / Another stock carb thread
Hello again all,

I know I don't post much, but when I do I get great feedback and this is what keeps me coming back time and time again...

I can't believe after this long, I am still having stock carb issues...Woulda thought by now I would be a pro!

Guess not  :P

I am having issues with a rough idle and a somewhat of a surging under light throttle....

I know, I know, go through the FSM again! and step by step dissect the carb...

I just printed out chapters 4 and 5 for a mark up of the entire 2 chapters..

Post for fun, I thought I would post in hopes of a "ah haa!" response...

First, I tore the carb down again and found the strangler spring linkage for the choke was badly bent.

Even though the wax element was functioning properly and completely opening, the arm under the strangler spring was badly tweaked, not allowing the choke butterfly to completely open...

After scavenging a choke assembly from one of my parts carbs, the choke now fully opens and all is well with the world (atleast for that part of this!)

Although, there is this amount of play in the butterfly (see how the linkage is gapped when I pull on it)

Although the above is nice to see, this is not the issue I am having.

Under small throttle, (when I pull the throttle cable by hand slightly), I am experiecing what appears to be fuel cutting out or a small "hic-cup" in the running of the engine...

I made a small video of it since I knew it would be difficult to explain --

In the video around second "6" you hear the issue begin, and this is not me fiddling with the throttle cable, this is the car "stalling" like that...

Then the second part of the video, I show my AF gauge and tach showing the motor "surging" or pulsating via the gauges...

Also, I am noticing a large amount of blow-by from the engine --

Would large amounts of blow-by be a piston ring issue? (I think I have washed rings possibly)

Now watching the videos after the fact, the car sounds "valve-y", like I need to adjust the valves...

Lastly, I notice that on the air cleaner, the hot air by-pass thermal valve never seems to be by-passed (always needing hot air from stove pipe/under vacuum)...Is this controlled by anything other than the thermal element in the air cleaner (ie ECM or water thermal switch)?

I am getting mixed feedback from some locals telling me since I changed the cam (highway cam) and have hi comp pistons, the car will never run right since the ECM is programmed for stock components, is this correct?

Any suggestions before I go bald ripping my hair out??

Any advice helps and thanks!  [black_s] [black_s] [blacktintop] [tantintop]
General Chit Chat / Hello again all
Hey there everyone...

Been a long time since I made a thread, but better late than never!
Hope all is well around these parts!

I have gotten the zuki-upgrade-itch again and this time I want to upgrade my fuel delivery... [idea]

If anyone rememebers, I went with a 1.3 8v from Z**K L*E (you figure that out :P ) and I know my stock fuel delivery is holding me back from "full throttle" action...
(10:1 pistons, highway cam, thorley header, 2" exhaust, smog legal cat)

I have looked at many combinations and have come up with 3 possible solutions --

32/36 weber with H2o choke so to leave "most of my config" stockish and easy for a swap back come SMOG time...
38 weber manual/electric choke...(Why the ring wash talk?)
Dual 40DCOE sidedraft setup (I really want this config although my wallet says no!)

32/36 looks pretty basic and I really like the water choke being I can run my current water lines to it..
I also see two versions EMPI or Weber?
I'm assuming Weber  [thumbsup]

38 looks nice as well, although I am unsure why so many are against it

I have read many posts about the weber 38 being "too much" for a sami motor and causing possible ring wash and I am curious as to why?
Does it really deliver that much fuel?
Can't I jet it down?

40DCOE looks fantastic, and I have read it really isn't that hard to tune and get up and running...(Although a booger to swap when smog comes my way)

My main goals are-

Easy setup and tear-down for smog
Best bang-for-buck
Glorious success

Any input on this will help sway my decision!

Thanks fellas!  [black_s] [black_s] [black_s]
Samurai Tech / Sami Carb Weekend Work
Afternoon fellas,

Long time no visit!

Sorry to just drop in and ask a question, but I am in the middle of rebuilding my carb (again) and just need a few tips!

1st, what is the proper term/name for the actuator to the right of the wax element? I don't see a reference to it in the FSM?

Circled in this pic --

Is there a specific adjustment for that actuator? Looks like another idle up gizmo...

2nd, how do I get an accurate measurement of the fast idle screw adjustment? (Measurement "4" in lower pic)...

I have followed the FSM to here --

But I guess I am just not reading it right because if I apply 40 cm/Hg to the idle up actuator (15 in/hg) my actuator rod is fully extended (5)...

The FSM says to have a 3 mm gap (4) between the fully extended actuator (5) and the (actuator) idle up screw (6).

First I can't get a 3 mm (4 is the smallest I can get) gap adjusted and even if I did, the fully extended actuator (5) will never touch his idle up adjustment (6) if I adjust the fast idle screw (7) to gain the said 3 mm clearance...

What am I doing wrong?!

Any insight is extremely helpful... [black_s] [black_s]

On a side note I found a bad/sticky micro switch and no weights/spring above injector ball.. [idea]

General Chit Chat / RHD TinTop to the rescue!
Just came across this surfin the interwebs...

TT comes in about 1:20...

Thought this board would appreciate it!

[black_s][black_s][black_s] 8)

edit -- video timing
Samurai Tech / Another A/C newbie thread...
I know many are un-interested in adding or even running thier A/C systems in their sammis, but as mine being my DD city runner, I would love to get my A/C back in working condition...

I have looked through the FSM and do not see a chapter on the A/C system! Most of the following info I have found is either by other threads, the Tracker FSM, or word of mouth...

First off, all of my A/C stuff was removed when I dropped in my rebuilt 1.3L and has been sitting in my garage for 1+ years...

I just picked up an HNBR o-ring set from harbor freight so I can replace all the rings as I piece it back together...

Looking through the Tracker FSM on A/C stuff, I see that the oil and refrigerant specs are 1.32Lbs of refirgerant and 3.4 oz of oil...I this about the same on the sami?

I understand that my older system more than likely used R12, but the above is for 134a...

I have also found a guy on craigslist selling some R12 pretty cheap as I am unsure if 134a will work in my system...The guy at Napa says if I just filled my system with 134a, I will create a "gel" like substance and would not be good...(Unless I did a complete conversion)  Is this correct? Will I need to use R12 if I am using all of my original A/C pieces? (In which I plan on)...

Also, I don't have access to a vacuum setup to check for constant vacuum, should I take this to a shop after I get it all pieced together with new o-rings and have them check the vacuum and add R12?

Am I wasting hard eraned $$ on trying to get my A/C back?  :P

Any advice or setup pointers for the A/C newb would be greatly apprectiated!  [thumbsup]  [black_s]