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Toyota Tech / 3tc and power steering. Please
After Fridays ride I barely made it home. 39 years of pulling wrenches has took its toll on my shoulder and friday I was in so much pain by time i got home I will have to do something before I go out again. 
 I have been procrastinating this change for years but now its purty much do it or get out of the zuk forever.
   In the Zuk at present is a 2tc 1600 toyota motor and trans. No provision on this engine for the power steering pump or brackets. The bolt holes arent there. 
 What i have to go in is a 3tc 1800 with power steering pump already on it. The wagon I took it out of had power steering air n all. Engine only has about a 100,000 miles which is low miles for these motors.
General Chit Chat / Redneck Band Geek
I like to think of it as having diverse interests. Or possibly bi-polar?
General Chit Chat / Onedesertdog
General Chit Chat / Be Careful under yur rig
This happened today and he didnt make it. I knew him.
General Chit Chat / Zu Pics
Zu pics
General Chit Chat / Ladder
Check out the Dude at 2:58, ODD don't get any Ideas.

General Chit Chat / Todays Pic Question
 Isn't that the Popsicle before the paint job??
 I'm trying and it seems that everything is a mystery insurance people don't know Tax people don't know. What I'm seeing so far is 6500 dollar deductibles and such.
Anybody here navigated this mess can give me any pointers,information about something better??
General Chit Chat / weather

Aridzonny is 67 degrees !5 degrees WARMER than yesterday. I just spent a week shivering in Upstate Yankee-land and i come home to 60 but now its 15 and dropping.  >:(  
I need a plane ticket.  :-\\\\  :-\\\\
General Tech / 454 starter
 Looking into putting a better higher torque or high performance starter on my old 85 motorhome. Found a couple but they all look some kind of china crap. Any suggestions???
A very worthy Cause and it looks to be shaping up into a very fun day. Bands and food and off roading and A barbie jeep race or sumthin?? there is a Possibility The swing Band will be playing,I am waiting for the go from the Director But it looks promising.
General Chit Chat / Prayers for Samurota jr
Samurota jr had a accident with a table saw that caused signifigant damage to his right hand. I would really appriciate all the prayers I could get for him in the morning. He will be in surgery to repair his hand. Thanks from Paw-Paw. Remember between 8 and 12 tommorow please say prayer for him while he is in surgery.
Zuwharrie Info / Daniel
 Daniel??  No More ledges ??anybody hear bout this??
General Chit Chat / Red Green Jeep

A Canadian With a Jeep. I know a couple of Canadians  Where is he anyway??
General Chit Chat / Breaking Bad
Anybody Watchin?? finale tonight.
General Chit Chat / No INTRANET
Storm Friday took out the modem and I spent the whole weekend without intranet. 3 day weekend too. I survived but it was a Long 3 days. Still kinda woosy from it all :P  :P  :-X  :-\\\\  ;D
But I thought this was hilarious and I like to laugh. So ..........................
General Chit Chat / Does anybody else find this Funny??
General Chit Chat / I hate Snakes and I hate
Hospital Bills. This lady got both. Copperhead snakes are the worst cause they give no warning.

My biggest question  is How does 18 hours cost 55000 dollars?